'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Urges Fans to Watch New 'Dog's Most Wanted' Episode That Features Beth

Duane "Dog" Chapman in the spirit of creating more hype for his new WGN America show, "Dog's Most Wanted," took to social media to urge fans to watch the latest episode.

Duane "Dog" Chapman of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" fame on the A&E Network is creating more hype for his new WGN America series, "Dog's Most Wanted," with a series of posts on social media.


Chapman tweeted alongside a 15 seconds promo clip that featured the late Beth Chapman, and himself on the hunt:

"Tonight on @WGNAmerica 9/8c. Love you #DogPound."

The cast of the bounty hunting show will also be live-tweeting while the episode airs. A separate tweet on DMW official Twitter read:

 "Live Tweet an all-new #DogsMostWanted with the team, and join the conversation tonight…"

Chapman also promised to follow some fans of the show, using the hashtag, and as expected, it got a lot of responses from those who assured the bounty hunter that they are ready and waiting for it to air.


The bounty hunting reality show premieres last Wednesday to a record-breaking viewership of 1.7 million people, mostly in the adult demographic.

It became the highest-rating show on WGN America in two years, and while it aired, the hashtags, "#DogsMostWanted," and "ThisOnesForBeth," were among the top ten trending topics in the US.

Beth passed away in June, and to honor her, the network moved the premiere of the show from 2020 to 2019. Before it aired, Chapman asked his fans on Twitter to join him on Instagram to talk about the show, and the ever-loyal Dog Pound members answered in the affirmative.


Asides from creating buzz for DMW, Chapman, who is still coping with the loss of his wife, teamed up recently with Addiction Recovery Institute of America to help those battling any form of addiction, especially drugs and alcohol.

In a statement released, the TV star said:

"I am pleased to be associated with ARIA as a treatment facility that does such great work."

He added that a lot of people battling addiction reach out to him, and together with ARIA, they can get them the help they need to turn their lives around.

Chapman, since losing Beth has chosen to stay positive and keep on fighting for the things she was passionate about, which are bringing fugitives to most CE, and helping people.

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