Daily Joke: An Elderly Man Complains about His Health

Jokes about the elderly in a doctor’s clinic are the best, and here’s one that stands out.

Bothered by several ailments, an elderly man walked into a doctor’s clinic for a checkup. After waiting for a few minutes, the elderly man was finally greeted by a young male doctor.

An old man with low back pain | Photo: Pexels

An old man with low back pain | Photo: Pexels

"Doc," the patient said, “I am so stricken. I have chest pains, headaches, back pains, nausea, arthritis, constipation, stomach cramps, earaches, burning in the eyes, congested lungs..."

"Sir," replied the doctor, "you complain you have so many things. What don't you have?"

The man answers, "Teeth."

A young male doctor | Photo: Pexels

A young male doctor | Photo: Pexels

Laughed out loud? Here’s an extra joke about another elderly man that will crack you up.

An old couple was sitting on the plane on their way to Hawaii to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.

Suddenly the pilot’s voice came over the speakers with an announcement: “Dear passengers, unfortunately, I have some bad news. One of our engines has failed and we will be making an emergency landing. Thankfully there is a deserted island nearby, where we should be able to land on the beach. The odds of being rescued, however, are very low and it is likely that we will have to live on the island for the rest of our lives.”

Airplane flying over the clouds | Photo: Pexels

Airplane flying over the clouds | Photo: Pexels

Thanks to the skill of the flight crew, they managed to land the plane safely on the island.

Shortly after landing, the husband asked his wife: “Honey, did you pay the bill for the car repairs?”

She answered: “No, I forgot to.”

Still shocked from the landing, he asked a little later: “Have the credit card bills been paid?”

She answered: “Oh no, sorry, I forgot them as well.”

People sitting on plane chairs | Photo: Pexels

People sitting on plane chairs | Photo: Pexels

Not long after, he asked again: “One more thing, what about the doctor’s bill from last week?”

She answered: “Forgive me, Love, that completely slipped my mind too.”

The man grabs his wife and gives her the biggest hug in 50 years.

When he let go, she asked: “What was that for?”

He answered: “They’ll find us!”

Source: Joke Barn

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