Dr Oz Shares Throwback Wedding Photo with Wife Lisa and Gives Marriage Advice

Dr. Oz celebrated his long-lasting marriage to wife Lisa and gave tips for a fruitful marriage to his numerous followers. 

Dr. Oz strayed from giving his usual health advice and chose to help his fans improve their marital life instead. 

Yesterday, the renowned health expert took a trip down memory lane with a throwback wedding photo with wife Lisa on Instagram. 

The sweet photo showed young Mehmet and Lisa in their wedding attires. However, it was the message Dr. Oz was trying to pass across in the caption of the post that caught a lot of attention. 

The television host gushed about his 34-year-marriage to Lisa and confessed that marrying her was the best decision of his life. 

He then proceeded to give his followers seven tips for having a fruitful marriage. He advised that couples should realize that their relationship is bigger than them.

He explained that he didn’t believe marriage allowed two people to become one but rather about two different people who work together at everything. 

The cardiothoracic surgeon urged couples to remember that the darkest times of their marriage are the best parts and cautioned them to follow the golden rule of life. 

“The main code of life is within the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Frankly, the rest is just details. But the Golden Rule does not mention the word “nice.” Treat each other fairly, but honestly, he wrote.”

Mehmet encouraged men to be brave in their marriages and recounted how he scratched his wedding ring during their honeymoon. 

He disclosed that the point of the story was to let people know that “the beauty of any object lies within its imperfections.”

Using a toilet metaphor, Dr. Oz advised his followers to bring a plunger because marriage was messy. He concluded his post by writing:

“Laughter is the closest distance between two people, so use this ageless tool to navigate your disagreements. Then fight and make up as much as you desire.”

Lisa and Mehmet’s marriage has been an icon for many. As revealed by Shape Magazine, the lovebirds met in an old-fashioned manner.

Their parents introduced them when Lisa was in college and Mehmet was in medical school. They got engaged after six months together. 

Mehmet and Lisa’s marriage is blessed with four wonderful kids: Daphne, Oliver Mustapha, Zoe Yasmin, and Arabella Sezen. With each passing day, their love flourishes.

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