September 19, 2019

Daily Joke: A Tom Cat Gets Romantic and Purrs to a Tabby Cat

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Wouldn't it be fun if animals could talk? We would have cute furry friends that talk, sing, and play with us. But what if their personality is more than what we bargained for? Here's a little story about a cat who falls in love and a dog who is up for sale.

On a bright full moon night, a tomcat and a tabby were enjoying their date on a fence. After sharing a mouse as their main course, they looked at the moon and were talking about life. 

After a while, the tom looked towards tabby, released his pent up passion and purred, "I will die for you, my love."

The tabby looks at him with skeptical expressions and asks, "How many times?"


A couple of cats | | Source: Unsplash.com


One day, Larry was walking down the street and noticed a sign that said, "talking dog for sale." Of course, no such thing existed, but he had to see if this was a prank or some other trick to fool people.


He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell, a middle-aged gentleman opened the door and asked, "Hello, how can I help you?" Larry inquired about the talking dog and asked to see it. 

A dog | Source: Unsplash.com


The owner said, "He's in the backyard, go around the fence. You can't miss him." Larry made his way around the fence and noticed a Black Dog just sitting there. 

He looks at the dog and asks, "Do you talk?" To his surprise, the dog answered, "Yes, I do, isn't that exciting?" Larry gets curious and asks, "So, what's your story?"

The dog turns slightly to the left in a cinematic way and says, "I discovered my gift of talking pretty young, and I wanted to put my abilities to good use."

A god sitting on the lawn| Source: Unsplash.com



"I was working for the government. I used to be put in rooms filled with potential spies and supplied information to my supervisor later. No one would ever suspect a dog of eavesdropping."

Then I shifted to the airport and wandered around suspicious people and listen to their conversations. I've saved more than a dozen potential hijackings."

A partially hidden dog | Source: Unsplash.com


Larry was left in awe of the dog and ran to the front door again. He rang the bell and asked the owner, "how much are you asking for that dog?" The owner said, "Ten Dollars."

"Why are you asking so less for it, the dog is amazing," Larry said as he handed ten dollars to the man. The owner grabbed the money and said, "He's a big fat liar too, he didn't do any of that stuff."

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