Trump's Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer Cries in Video after His Salsa Dance on DWTS Premiere

Sean Spicer gets emotional after watching a video of his 'Dancing with the Stars' debut performance.

The former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer made a lacklustre debut performance for the premiere of "Dancing with the Stars," season 28.

Spicer is partnered with season 25 champion, Lindsay Arnold. The two performed a salsa dance to the Spice Girls song, "Spice Up Your life."

After his performance, paparazzi caught up with him as he was being escorted to a vehicle, where he watched a video that gets him so emotional that he sheds a few tears.

Spicer, who appeared tearful but not visibly upset, explains that he got emotional watching a video of his children enjoying his performance, from home.

Despite having an unsuccessful debut performance, Spicer's tears of joy confirm his earlier sentiments that he joined the show to bring some enjoyment in his life. Considering the show is paying him $125 000, he admits that the opportunity is also for making money.

In an interview he shared that he wanted people to see another side of him. By the look of the tears he was holding back, it seems his children had a positive reaction to seeing this other side of him.

However, earlier in night the judges weren't pleased with his performance and said he was off beat and his salsa looked like he was being attacked by wasps. 

Overall he didn't end up in the bottom, the judges found his performance entertaining and he looked like he was having fun.

Arnold admits that Spicer isn't a natural dancer and his choreography skills are at a very basic. So it is not surprise that her earned a less than pleasing score of 12/30.

When speaking to paparazzi about his performance he avoided questions about President Donald Trump and emphasized that tonight he wanted to focus on himself. He did address the question about Tom Bergeron, who criticized the show for casting him saying:

"This show is all about going out there, having a great time, showing America that you can be of different backgrounds and for one night, two hours, everybody can come together and root for each other, no matter where's you're from," he said. "It was so cool, I'm honored to be part of this season."

Spicer did make a plea that with his current score, he is going to need a lot of votes. But that might be difficult considering his reputation as a former Trump employee.

Before his resignation it is reported, he was at the centre of many controversies, which included misleading statements about the size of the crowd at Trumps inauguration, in 2016 he lied about the existence of millions of fraudulent votes, and he defended Nazis' in reference to the Syrian War.

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