New Jersey Man Wins $250k in Lottery 2 Years after Winning $2m

Oyin Balogun
Sep 29, 2019
05:00 P.M.
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Fred Robinson, a native of Newark, suddenly became a millionaire in 2017 after winning a $2,000,000 lottery but despite his sudden fame, he kept on working as a carpenter. Now that he's won $250,000 again, he has expressed hopes to retire. 


Fred Robinson's story is the type that encourages people to keep playing the lottery. His tale of luck is fast making the rounds after he cashed in a lottery for a whopping $250,000 just two years after winning one worth $2 million. 

The Newark native reportedly purchased several $10 tickets at C-Town Supermarkets on 18th Avenue in Newark and took them home to check. The first few he scanned earned him nothing before he got one worth $500. It was with the very last ticket that he hit the Jackpot as he earned $250,000.

While speaking to lottery officials, Robinson explained that it was the very first time he would be purchasing Crossword scratch-offs and that he had only given it a try because he "hadn't been lucky lately."


A recap of Robinson's startling win back in 2017 proves that he is indeed one fortunate man. Luck seemed like the least of Robinson's problems in July 2017 when he won $2 million on a Platinum Diamond Spectacular scratch-off weeks after pocketing $656 playing Pick-4. 

At the time, he had found the win a shocking one as he recalled throwing the ticket down on realizing he had won $200,000. It was his brother that called his attention to the fact that the money was much more than that. 

Despite becoming a millionaire in just one day, Robinson kept on working as a furniture repairer with seemingly no care for his sudden fame nationwide. People reports that while he had thought of retiring, he ended up saving the money and continued his craft. 


Winning such a staggering amount of money for free wasn't enough for Robinson, who reportedly declared his intention to keep playing to the Lottery officials. Although not massive amounts, he earned a few hundreds of dollars over the years. Fortunately, his persistence paid off, as he now makes headlines yet again for winning $250,000 within the space of two years! 

Even though he was no newbie to winning the lottery, Robinson explained that his recent winning still managed to leave him shaken. The shock stayed on as he cashed in his prize, and while thoughts of retiring surfaced once again, Robinson disclosed that he plans to continue working for a little bit more.

Robinson validated the $250,000 ticket on July 18.