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September 27, 2019

Nicole Murphy Goes on 'Wendy Williams Show,' Apologizes for Kissing Married Director Antoine Fuqua

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Nicole Murphy tells Wendy Williams, "I'm a human being, it was a mistake" when asked about her controversial kiss with director Antoine Fuqua. Nicole had plenty to say in her most telling interview since the scandal broke.

Nicole Murphy regrets the controversial kiss between her and Antoine Fuqua. She said this much during her interview with Wendy Williams where she also admitted, “It was a mistake.”

Nicole Mitchell Murphy at a breast and prostate cancer studies luncheon in Los Angeles in May 2017. | Photo: Getty Images



The 51-year-old fitness guru and 53-year-old director made headlines in July when photos of them kissing in Italy spread. It placed Nicole in a bad light because Fuqua was a married man. 

At the time, a statement was released allegedly by Nicole saying the kiss was merely a “friendly hello.”

“It was a moment that should not have happened. I’m a human being, it was a mistake."


Shortly after, Nicole released another statement to apologize.

“Antoine and I are just family friends. We ran into each other while we both were in Europe,” she reportedly told People. “Without going into the entire situation, I want to apologize to my family, and to Lela and the Fuqua family for what transpired.”

Nicole added,

“It was not my intention to be in this situation. I do not condone women kissing or interacting in anyway [sic] inappropriately with a married man. I too was once married and I would never intentionally undermine another woman, despite what has been written.”


"I was at the pool, we were on a different timezone, I had a hard time staying awake, I was drinking an espresso.”



Now months later, Nicole is coming clean regarding the incident. During her recent interview on Wendy Williams’show, she was clear about one thing. She regrets it. 

“It was a frozen in time thing. Trust me, I wish it didn’t happen,” she told Wendy. “It was a moment where I should’ve thought more through the situation. Made better judgments. It’s something I apologized for.”

"Listen, you learn from your mistakes. I regret it. It was a mistake. I’m human."


Contrary to a previous statement where she supposedly attributed the kiss to a “friendly hello”, Nicole denied that those were her words.

“There was a statement that was released, I didn’t put out that statement,” she clarified. “I was out there for business, there was familiar faces out there, it happened. I was at the pool, we were on a different timezone, I had a hard time staying awake, I was drinking an espresso.”

Nicole acknowledged that it was a moment of weakness in her part.

“It was a moment that should not have happened. I’m a human being, it was a mistake. Women, this could happen to you, do your research.”


Antoine Fuqua & Nicole Murphy at the "What's My Name: Muhammad Ali" after party in May 2019 in Los Angeles. |Photo: Getty Images


As for reports suggesting she was friends with Antoine’s wife, Lela Rochon, Nicole denied this.


“Social media had it to where we were family friends, I was at her wedding, in her wedding, were kicking it at their house. It’s not true. None of that is true. I don’t know her like that.”

When Wendy prodded how she knew Antoine, she suggested they knew each other casually through events. Yet Nicole couldn't be more regretful when she stressed,  

“It was a moment. Listen, you learn from your mistakes. I regret it. It was a mistake. I’m human. Social media is a monster of its own."

Always one to dig deeper, Wendy asked Nicole if she and Antoine ever discussed him getting a divorce. The celebrity mom's response carried a lot of weight.


“Listen, at the moment maybe I had a different impression of the situation.”

Nicole became evasive when Wendy asked her to clarify what her impression was. Instead of explaining, she merely said, “I’m not going there.” 

Lela Rochon & husband Antoine Fuqua attending an event in Washington, DC in September 2013. |Photo: Getty Images



At the height of the controversy, actress LisaRaye McCoy accused Nicole of breaking up her marriage to politician Michael Missick. Back in 2007, Nicole was reported to have been caught kissing the Turks and Caicos Prime Minister who was still married to LisaRaye at the time. Though LisaRaye's rep denied the cheating allegations then, it appears she changed her stance today. However, Nicole insisted to Wendy  that these stories were “absolutely false.” 

Nicole is currently single after a string of men she reportedly dated following her marriage to Eddie Murphy including Michael Strahan from 2008 to 2014. Other men linked to her included former NBA star Jimmy Jackson, actor Nick Cannon, and singer Drake.