Glimpse into 'Chicago Med' Star Nick Gehlfuss' Marriage to Lilian Matsuda

Nick Gehlfuss, who is best known as the hunky doctor on "Chicago Med," got married to his girlfriend in complete mystery. 

Nick and Lilian Matsuda tied the knot secretly in Ohio in 2016, but the actor finally decided to break the news to PEOPLE.

Nick Gehlfuss in 2016 | Photo: YouTube/The Meredith Vieira Show

Nick Gehlfuss in 2016 | Photo: YouTube/The Meredith Vieira Show

"I wanted to invite a lot of my cast mates, but, because we're a franchise, I would have had to invite the entire Chicago franchise," he explained. "I started on P.D. and I went to Fire, and now with Justice, it would have been crazy."

Nick added, "It rained that day in the morning, which is good luck. And then it was perfect after that. And it was on Friday the 13th, and the next day it dropped twenty degrees and then Sunday, blizzard, snow on the way here."

For their wedding day, Nick, who never had a core group of companions, gave Lilian pearl earrings. During the interview, the actor also opened up about their honeymoon.

"Besides the one we're having right now, we're going to go to Japan probably at some point," he said.

Nick likewise posted romantic photographs taken from his wedding on social media, according to Daily Mail.

The actor once correlated his work to his life during an interview in 2015, The Detroit News reported.

"My personality is I enjoy constant change and mixing it up," he said. "I get bored too easily. With acting, you don't. The thing I love about it the most is that becoming a better actor really means I'm becoming a better person."

According to him, the reason was that an actor should ceaselessly study the world around him. Nick said, "It broadens you as a human being, makes you more sympathetic and empathetic."

"You become really at one with your surroundings because this is my classroom. And so I can go to school every minute every day if I want to," he added.

Nick was an athlete when he was in junior. However, one of his instructors urged him to try out for a school play, and that's how the role of Red Dog turned into his first acting credit.

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