'Sextuplets' Star Marlon Wayans Shares Sweet Photos with Ex Angelica Zachary and Their Kids Amai & Shawn

You can see the uncanny resemblance between the Wayans family as they all pose together in new photos. Find out more about the extraordinary relationship between Marlon and Angelica.

Divorces are hard as it is. Now, adding celebrity status to the equation can make it seem like hell. In Hollywood, only a few broken marriages have their relationship intact with the former spouses being civil with each other.

Actor, comedian and filmmaker Marlon Wayans at BuzzFeed's "AM to DM" | Photo: Getty Images

Actor, comedian and filmmaker Marlon Wayans at BuzzFeed's "AM to DM" | Photo: Getty Images

Nevertheless, when children are involved, what choice do they have, anyway? We pay respect to Marlon Wayans and his ex-wife, Angelica Zackary, for being able to hold it down this long.

Marlon recently shared a slideshow of photos that depicted the unconditional love that flows in his family.

In the first snapshot, he posed with Angelica and his kids, where each member of the family was in an all-black ensemble. Marlon posted the picture with a sweet caption that read:

"My kids my life my purpose my everything #nationalsonanddaughterday" 

It isn't the first time he will post Angelica on his social media even after their divorce.

Marlon Wayans during the Netflix - "Sextuplets" Fan Screening Brazil | Photo: Getty Images

Marlon Wayans during the Netflix - "Sextuplets" Fan Screening Brazil | Photo: Getty Images

On her birthday, he shared an emotional message that warmed the hearts of netizens, Madamenoire reports. Marlon remains grateful to Angelica for her love and support over the decades they spent together.

Also, for giving their children Amai, 17, and Shawn, 15, a stable upbringing. The comedian pledged his loyalty to her forever and will keep his word no matter the situation between them.

Of the mother of his children, the loving ex-husband ended his message with praises that read

"My ex wife, my children’s mother, my sister, my friend, my family... i just love you girl."

Although rumors suggested that Marlon was seeing a co-star on his "Marlon" TV show, his unyielding support never ceased, as reported by Heightline. In another post, Marlon stirred up speculations about a reconciliation because of the compromising pose and caption.

In the photo, he stood behind her with one arm around her neck and the other on her waist. He added a heartwarming caption that read:

"This woman…. ride or die. Love you for life. Always my baby. I hope i make you .proud. Thank u for those two little gifts (my kids) and thank u for believing in my greatness.”

Marlon is a family man at heart and didn't take it lightly when an Instagram follower tried to tell him how to run his family. The netizen wrote about his daughter, Amai, that:

“She’s not old enough to understand what that’s really about. You have the power to change lives, Bro, don’t teach her that.”

The star responded by defending his daughter and claiming to love her for whoever she is at whatever age.

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