'Blue Bloods' Fans Want to See Jamie & Eddie's Wedding after New Behind-The-Scenes Photo

Netizens are out for the production team of the famous CBS drama series, "Blue Bloods," after they unexpectedly give fans a peek into work behind the scenes with the Jamko couple.The tenth season of "Blue Bloods" premiered September 27. The show has, however, caused considerable controversy on the internet after the social team teased a new episode via their official Instagram page.

Actors Tom Selleck and Dennis Haysbert on the set of "Blue Bloods" on March 23, 2015 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images

Actors Tom Selleck and Dennis Haysbert on the set of "Blue Bloods" on March 23, 2015 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images


The picture features the show's famous TV couple, Sergeant Jamie and his new wife, Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan. Jamko, as the couple is famously called, looked intimate as they cuddled up to each other on the couch.

"#BehindTheScenes of #Jamko Tune in Friday at 10/9c to see this cute moment! #BlueBloods," the CBS team wrote to caption the beautiful picture.

Almost as expected, the picture gained attention amassing 12k likes, as well as numerous comments. What the "Blue Bloods" team probably didn't expect is an outcry from fans.

Avid followers of the police procedural series had been left longing for more after Season 9's finale, titled “Something Blue,” showed very little of Eddie Janko (played by Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagan (played by Will Estes) 's wedding.

The episode finished with the wedding, but the series faded to black as Eddie walked down the aisle, and Jamie smiled. There were no formalities shown – not even the wedding reception! Many fans were left wanting more and coming up with a theory that there will be more, but even those expectations seem shattered going by the new update from the production team.



It has caused avid followers of the show to take to the comments to air their frustrations about not getting to watch the Jamko couple get married.One fan, @whambamitsaam, responded writing:

"You know what cute moment I want to see? The wedding." 

While another, @t_hinke_pr humorously wrote

"If only we had actually seen them marry. Signed, disgruntled viewer." 


There are many more comments on other social media platforms. Still, despite the large numbers, there has been no official statement from the team, with only Will Estes coming forward to respond to fans directly.

"I mean, I was there all day [filming], so.. I count it as a wedding," Estes told TVLine. He continued:

"We already did the vows at the dinner table... But I'm grasping at straws. I got nothing. You know how Hitchcock taught us that the monster you don't see is the scariest? Maybe the wedding you don't see is the most beautiful?” 

Like Estes hinted in his TVLINE interview, the 9th season finale had indeed made fans speculate on whether there was more to why more of the wedding wasn't shown.

Not getting to see the couple say their "I Dos" has many people wondering if the many hurdles may have weighed in on the couple.

Thankfully, Estes didn't seem worried about that, considering that he explained that they didn't film any dialogue for the wedding. So while fans are sure the wedding did happen hitch-free, they are left bereft not getting to watch their favorite TV couple marry. 

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