Stacey Dash's Domestic Violence Charges Dropped as Husband Jeffrey Marty Comes to Her Defense

Domestic Violence charges against Stacey Dash following a marital dispute were dropped after her husband came to her defense. 

Prosecutors have dropped a charge of misdemeanor domestic battery against actress Stacey Dash after her husband requested they deal with their issues as a couple together, and not through the court. 

After the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney's Office conducted its own investigation over the situation, which is mandatory, it came to a different conclusion from what the arresting deputy revealed. 

"Clueless" actress Stacey Dash during a formal event | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine

"Clueless" actress Stacey Dash during a formal event | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine

The State Attorney's Decision

According to Assistant State Attorney Bryan Sarabia, "after we completed our investigation, we determined there was not a criminal offense to prosecute."

On September 29, Dash, 52, was arrested by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office after getting into an argument with husband Jeffrey Marty in their apartment.

As mentioned by the attorney, It ended up getting physical between the two, as she pushed him and slapped his face, leaving the victim with "red scratch marks to his left upper arm."

"The deputy obviously thought that he had probable cause and it would appear that he did. But after I watched all the body worn cameras and I read all the reports and I spoke to Mr. Marty, I determined there was not a criminal offense to prosecute.”

The Night of Arrest

At the time, Stacey was arrested in their home, despite objection from her husband. It was a requirement for her to be arrested following a call that was placed to report what happened at the apartment complex.

Body camera footage from the police officer who cuffed her shows the "Clueless" actress calmly obeying all of their orders, even replying to the official as he asked her a couple of questions. 

She was later on released after posting a $500 bail, and ultimately, she left with no charges after the state attorney saw that she didn't commit a criminal offense. 

Her Husband's Statement

Her husband, Jeffrey Marty, is a former public defender himself who continues to handle criminal defense cases at the West Pasco Judicial Center.

After news of the State Attorney dropping charges against Stacey, he decided to tweet about the situation, approving the SA's decision.

At the end of it all, Marty reveals that he hopes to put the situation behind them, as it was escalated because of how the press and media got involved. 

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