Maddie Brown of 'Sister Wives' Responds to Mom-Shaming Comments over Her Son Using a Pacifier

Tichafa Chidzonga
Oct 08, 2019
04:00 A.M.
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Maddie Brown receives support from her fans after she posts a message about people mom shaming her for her son's use of his pacifier.



Sister Wives

" Star, 

Maddie Brown

 is no stranger to 

mom shaming

 on social media. She is a mother to 2-year-old, Axel James Brush and 2-month-old 

Evangalynn Kodi Brush


Recently, she addressed peoples comments and unsolicited advice about her son still using a pacifier, she explains:

"Axel's paci is a hot topic and I receive countless PM's, comments and all of it. People are just trying to be helpful, I get that. Its not helpful though, it makes me feel worse because he was weened at one point."


Maddie describe's how Axel had been weened of his pacifier, but that the birth of their daughter, Evangalynn has caused him to regress and take up using his pacifier again, she says:

"Axel was weened from his paci before Evie was born. 100%. Its something you can actually see the evolution of on my feed and story archives. When she was born it was the ONE THING he regressed on!"


Many fans have responded to her post with messages of support and admiration.

Fan show's Maddie Brown support after she feels mom shamed for her son's use of his pacifier | Source:

Praising  her being a good mother one fan saying:


"You're doing great Mama....I feel you on the unasked advice but no one knows him like you do and you know what he needs... He won't be going off to college with a paci and if he does hell just be starting a new trend."

Fan show's Maddie Brown support after she feels mom shamed for her son's use of his pacifier | Source:


Sharing more of her experience in trying to ween Axel of his pacifier, she reveals how difficult it was trying to get him to stop, she says:

"Trust me, I did everything to fight it. I took this picture to send to my mom, that we were finally done fighting, after Axel walked around for 3 hours crying till he threw up. We both had melted downs, my house was DESTROYED from him looking for it (because he knows where we hide it) and all the other things you can imagine."


"We as moms have enough guilt. Chances are, what you are about to say, has already been said to them 10000x by someone else just coming from a loving place as well. Unless the advice is asked for, just be supportive of the decisions being made. Its really that simple I promise. We are all trying out best here!" She concludes.

Maddie revealed that she has sort out the advice of professionals, which include Axel's doctor, his teachers and other medical professional who all agree that it is normal for him to be using a pacifier at his age.