Matt Roloff of LPBW and His Family Wish Fans a 'Happy Pumpkin Season' in New Group Photo

Matt Roloff shared a family photo of the entire Roloff clan, on social media, but someone was missing.

The pumpkin season is on, and Matt Roloff, shared a cute family photo to wish his fans a "Happy pumpkin season," on Instagram. 

In it, Matt sat with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler beside him, and next to them were Jeremy, and his wife Audrey, who had their daughter, Ember, sitting on her lap.

Behind the couple sat, newlyweds, Jacob and Isabel, and beside them, sat Zach Roloff. In front of him, sat his wife, Tori, who carried their son, Jackson, and beside the expecting mom, sat Chris Marek, with Amy, standing in between his legs.

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Clarification! The Future of the farm! Sometimes people get so far astray of the truth we have to write direct messages to correct all the assumptions. We are getting quite a number of inquiries asking if we are still open for Pumpkin Season this fall. Answer is yes ... pumpkin seeds went into the ground 3 days ago. :)). I don’t think people understand the buyout option... let me explain.. despite what you see on TV ... I have chosen to buy (and Amy has chosen to sell) me only one side of the farm At this time.. Not the original farmstead ... not the side with the pumpkin patch or her house.. for now she is only selling me her partial share of ownership in the side (DW) that I live on. She will remain in her house (and on the farm) and 1/2 owner of our original farm until she decides to leave... At that time we will jointly work to sell the side she lives on together. This may happen in the future but it’s not happening yet! The only change (for now) is that I will take title to the DW and can decide to remodel it to be more accessible with a lower kitchen or walk-in shower like my home in Arizona. The future may be different ...but Now is Now ...and this is where we are at this moment in time.... Maybe one of the kids will eventually buy it?? Who knows?

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In the caption, the Roloff patriarch narrated how difficult it was to get everyone together, but by 4:30, and with the arrival of Marek,

"We got there. We sat. We gathered. We smiled. We were a family; all at once."

He equally wrote that they missed his daughter, Molly, and her husband, Joel, before writing,

"Roloff Farms pumpkin season 2019 is officially underway."

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Leave it to Izzy to remind me that today was the best time to get the annual Roloff family photo of the year.. Izzy said. ...Matt. We have to do it today at 4pm! ..Jacob and I are leaving on an extended road trip later today. Zach and Tori will be at the farm right after Jackson’s nap at3:45 pm. Jer and Auj will bring Ember at 4:15 sharp. Amy and Chris here by 4 pm. Matt and Caryn ready any time .. it’s a deal... we will all be in front of the 2019 sign by 4:30 pm. We made it.. We got there.. we sat... we gathered..we smiled.. we were a family. All at once! It was a special moment on a big day for Roloff farm 2019. we Beat all the past attendance numbers. However we totally Missed molly and Joel but that will teach them. Be here or be square... next year. Lol. Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season 2019 is officially under way. And what a start we had. Today the strongest showing of guests on a opening friday so far. Thanks @amyjroloff @audreyroloff @jeremyroloff @toriroloff @zroloff07 @carynchandler1 @artbyizzyrock @jacobroloff45 for all being here to cheer on the family legacy :)). If Izzy hadn’t reminded us all. This photo may not have happened... she knows how to pull an extended family together. :)). Happy pumpkin season @rolofffarms Now. Let go have fun the month of October 2019?

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Matt was not the only member of the family to share a post on Instagram. Tori, shared a post of her soon-to-be family-of-four, writing that she's excited to see those who'll come to the farm. 

In an earlier post, the LPBW star, who is in her third trimester, had promised her fans that she'd try to be available when the season starts. 

In June, after Amy sold her part of the farm to Matt, fans expressed concern on this year's pumpkin season, but the dad-of-four assured them that nothing would change.

True to his words, nothing changed, and the TV star and the newly engaged Amy are working together with their family to make their fans happy. The pumpkin season opened officially on October 4th and will run till the 27th. 

Television personalities Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation NY - Talent Images at the Frederick P. Rose Hall on April 23, 2008 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Television personalities Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation NY - Talent Images at the Frederick P. Rose Hall on April 23, 2008 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Members of the public have access to the Roloff Farms on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from 10 am to 5 pm, and people can shop for pumpkin, and take part in other activities while at the farm.

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