Adam Busby: Male Postpartum Depression, Starting a Media Company and Other Little Known Facts about the 'Outdaughtered' Star

Pedro Marrero
Oct 11, 2019
02:10 P.M.

Being a father of six in today’s world is certainly a handful, but despite this is the reason the reality TV star is known for, there is much more to him than what we see on the small screen.


37-year-old Adam Busby became a familiar face by starring with his wife Danielle and six children in TLC’s reality series “OutDaughtered” since 2006, and he has charmed the audience by being a devoted family man.

But even when this famous family appears to have achieved domestic bliss, Adam has had his share of struggles to overcome, and learning these facts about him might help to better get to know who he really is.



Adam has had trouble with overspending in the past, which prompted the couple to request the services of a financial planner to better administer their resources. After all, they have a lot of expenses to cover given their large offspring.

The father-of-six’s purchase of an expensive drone was the issue that worried Danielle to the point of talking her husband into seeking qualified help.

“After the whole drone debacle, I’ve decided to hire a financial planner to help us get on track and move forward on this Busby train to success,” Danielle shared on Season 2 Episode 8.



Before achieving fame and fortune in reality television, Adam used to be employed by a company named Intrinsic Solutions/ Sprint Safety, which provides industrial two-way radio communication services for the local oil and gas industry.

According to his Linkedln profile, he served as a Key Account Manager in the company since 2006.



Fitness and nutrition are top priority for Adam, and he makes sure to leave room to take care of his health and to stay physically active despite having to provide for his family and take care of six young daughters.

Luckily for him, working out is a passion he shares with his wife Danielle, who has said to consider fitness as necessary as food and sleep, and something we all should find time for without excuses.



Despite the Busbys’ domestic bliss, Adam had to go through a hard time after the arrival of the quintuplets in 2016, when he was affected by male postpartum depression.

Adam and Danielle tried to make the most out of it and used the experience to raise awareness about this little-known condition.

“I know I'm not alone and I want others to know they aren't either," Adam said about his struggles with mental health in a statement published in People magazine.



Becoming the first father of all-girl quintuplets in the US changed everything for Adam, including his choice of a job. Being introduced to the entertainment industry as a reality TV personality, Adam seems to have found his true passion.

After 11 years in the communications industry, Adam decided to quit and start his own media company, which he named Adam Busby Media, as the public might remember from the show.



Just as Adam and Danielle are passionate about keeping their bodies fit and healthy, they are strongly committed to their spirituality, even if this is isn’t something they address in the series often.

In social media, Adam has been more outspoken about his belief system, and he credits faith as a source of strength for him and his family to overcome difficult times. Adam also describes himself as a “Christ follower” in his Instagram bio.

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