Loni Love Breaks down in Tears as She Announces Her New Memoir on 'The Real'

Oyin Balogun
Oct 20, 2019
03:40 P.M.
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The co-host of Fox's Emmy-winning talk show "The Real" gets emotional and breaks down in tears as she talks about the release of her book, "I Tried to Change So You Don't Have To" which is a funny memoir of her life.


On October 9th, while the hosts on the talk show discussed whether women give too much credit to their partners in a relationship, co-host Loni Love reveals the release of her new memoir, "I Tried to Change So You Don't Have To – True Life Lessons."

Loni Love at the Tyler Perry Studios Grand Opening Gala on October 5, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


"The thing I think that I was missing in my life was that I was always conforming to what the man wanted instead of saying this is what I want to do"

She got all emotional and implored ladies out there to write journals about themselves so that later on, they can look back at it and appreciate how they have made it through.


She said the point of the book was that she is a non-conformist, and she wanted to express that. The book is to help people resist the pressures of conformity, to love themselves for who they are, to embrace their flaws, and to unlock their true potential.

The book gives an insight into Loni's journey as a girl who used to try to fit in by dieting and dating men she thought she was supposed to be with.


It goes further to reveal how she was able to overcome this trap of self-improvement and instead decided to embrace herself for who she is.

She shared that unlike other people who live by: ''Fake it till you make it," for her, it's always been ''fake it, and then have the whole thing blow up in your face.''


Her co-hosts expressed their excitement about the book and talked about how it's usually difficult to get stories out of Loni; little did they know she had been saving up all her stories for her book.

Love has indeed shown that she has embraced herself and decided to be happy without paying attention to what people think or try to conform to popular standards. She said her relationship requirements have changed as she matured.


"The older I get the simpler I’m getting. When I was looking for somebody, I was just looking for the compatibility part. The thing I think that I was missing in my life was that I was always conforming to what the man wanted instead of saying this is what I want to do," she told People.

She has always been open about her relationship with the actor, James Welsh. Despite the backlash she received for being in an interracial relationship, she is happy with her relationship and is in no way swayed by the public's opinion.

She only expressed her concerns for a double standard when it comes to interracial relationships had by black men as against black women.

"Amazed at times at the folks concerned that I am dating a white male, but for years Black males have dated White, and ''Exotic'' women and no one questions it," she tweeted.