Loni Love gets dragged after congratulating Jeannie Mai’s ex-husband on his new baby

Jeannie Mai's Freddy Harteis and his girlfriend, Linsey Toole welcomed their first child together into the world. After Loni Love awkwardly congratulated him it resulted in a massive uproar from Jeannie Mai fans.

Freddy Harteis and Linsey Toole welcomed their daughter Emersyn Rose into the world on October 25, 2018. The next day Harteis posted a picture of the adorable little girl onto his timeline.

He captioned the post, "Life just took on a whole new meaning. Would never believe a little girl could melt my heart like this. I love you, Emersyn Rose. Thank you, God, for trusting me with this little life."

She was born on October 25, 2018, at 9:15 PM at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital Nashville TN. Emersyn Rose weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces. She was 19 inches long. The little girl has rosy cheeks and dark eyes.

The post's comment section was flooded with congratulatory messages. But some came from unexpected sources.

Loni Love sparked controversy when she posted an awkwardly worded message to Freddy Harteis. Coming from Jeannie Mai's co-star on The Real, the message shocked and outraged fans.

Love wrote, "Everything works out for a reason… I wish you the best and welcome to the world, Emersyn Rose …”  The awkward comment caused controversy.

It is widely known that Harteis and Mai decided to get divorced after ten years of marriage because having children became a point of contention in their marriage. Mai had made it clear before the marriage that she did not want kids, however, Harteis realized he wanted to start a family as he got older.

Love, who had appeared to side with Mai when they appeared on "The Breakfast Club" for an interview a few weeks ago inevitably ended up in hot water. Fans called her out for not being loyal to Mai.

With one fan even pointing out that Mai and Love had spoken about how the timing of Toole's pregnancy seemed odd to them. Hinting that they believed Harteis had cheated on Mai before their divorce was announced.

"@comiclonilove everything works out for a reason? Wasn’t @tameramowrytwo and @adriennebailon just on the Breakfast club talking about how he was cheating during the marriage? His timeline didn’t add up. I’m surprised any of y’all still follow him lol.”

Another fan angrily told Love that she was fake and disloyal. Many were simply shocked that she still followed Harteis after everything her co-host, Mai, had been through during the divorce proceedings.

Love hit back at some of the hate comments by telling them to mind their own business. Harteis replied to the awkward message with a simple, "Thank you so much."


The comments were seen as controversial because of the history between Mai and Harteis. Mai and Harteis had been married for ten years.

They decided to get divorced after arguing over having children. Mai had never wanted children but Harteis had begun to yearn for a baby.

Though the divorce had originally been amicable it turned ugly. Mai chalked up the ugly process to money and ego getting in the way.

Six months after their divorce announcement, Harteis had revealed his girlfriend, Linsey Toole was pregnant with his baby. Almost exactly a year later, they've welcomed their daughter into the world.

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