Twila Byars: Meet 'Alaskan Bush People' Star Billy Brown's Estranged Daughter

Twila Byars, the daughter of "Alaskan Bush People" star Billy Brown, doesn't exactly have a close, loving relationship with her family. 

Billy Brown has an offspring from his previous marriage with a woman named Brenda, and she is none other than his estranged daughter, Twila Byars. 

Back in 1979, the reality star married his wife Ami Brown when she was just 15 years old. But little did fans know that he had a kid from a previous marriage. 


As reported by Alaskan Bush People Exposed, Billy and Brenda got divorced after five years of marriage. By then, Billy was entitled to a full inheritance. 

The reality star even mentioned in his book "Lost Years" that he tied the knot with Brenda to get a minor's release from the state of Texas. 

After their separation, Billy wasn't around to raise Twila. The whereabouts of her mother are unknown, and it is unclear whether she grew up with her alone. 

According to Billy, he hadn't spoken to or been in touch with his daughter in 30 years until their "reunion" episode in 2016. Besides Twila, Billy has seven other kids from his union with Ami. 


During her famous appearance on the show, Twila revealed that she had lost her daughter in a car crash. Twila has another daughter named Bronte. 

During that time, rumors about Billy's failure to "comfort" his daughter were circulating around like a wildfire. 


Twila sure is estranged from her family but how she feels about her place in the family is much more heart-wrenching.

In a Facebook post from 2016, she shared that she ranks after the dog in her family. 

She went on to add that she ranks lower than the family cats as well in the comment section.

Recently, Billy's oldest son Bear revealed that his father is struggling with some medical issues as of lately. He also shared that Billy had surgery but he did not mention what the complication was. 

The update came less than a year after the patriarch was hospitalized following an upper respiratory infection. 

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