Woman Who 'Changed' Race Claims Doctor Said Her Future Children Will Be Born Black

Things keep getting more bizarre with Martina and her husband. Their latest interview indicates that they are still on their quest to become African-Americans, and hope to conceive black kids despite lacking the genetics.

A white woman who has injected herself with multiple melanin fluids to darken her complexion claims to have "changed race."

She added that her prospective kids would be born black, as reported by Metro.

She made these claims while discussing with ITV's "This Morning" host, Holly Willoughby, and fill-in co-host, John Barrowman. 

Martina Big, who is a German model, reportedly affirmed from doctors that she and her husband Michael's biological kids will be black.

For her, using the tanning injections with Michael is enough to infuse their family into the black race, as noted by LadBible. Martina said:

"My children will be black. We are not having plans, but I am discussing with my doctor to see if my body is okay, will I be able to breastfeed, what the baby will look like."

Despite Martina's firm beliefs, Holly questioned how she thought she could achieve her goals genetically. Martina countered by saying:

"No. It's a mix of Michael and me. I'm pretty sure it will be black or milk chocolate or a little bit light, it doesn't matter."

It isn't Martina's first time stirring up controversy, as a German newspaper recently proved that she is way older than she admitted, The Sun revealed.  

The white-turned model claimed to be 29 years old. However, old school pictures indicate that she is about 40 years old, as narrated by The Sun. 

The photos were released by the German press, Bild, alongside allegations that the other kids in the pictures were born from 1977 to 1978.

If the images are genuine, then Martina hasn't been truthful. She can be seen standing in the photo in a light-colored top. 

Even more, she believes that her conversion to the black race is internal and has changed her entire body, including her eyes and hair.

Also, she underwent breast enlargement surgery and is currently the European woman with the largest breasts. Martina had to quit her job as an air hostess to fulfill her dreams of having humongous boobies.

Before having a breast size of 70S, Martina used to be a C cup. Hopefully, we get to see what Martina makes of her dream to have black kids.

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