NCIS: Fans Want to See More of Ziva David Amid Investigation of the Homeless Veterans Case

Joe Akins
Oct 17, 2019
06:30 P.M.
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The fans of the CBS show, "NCIS," wants "Ziva" to make more appearances on the show, and made their feelings known while the show aired on Tuesday night.


Tuesday night saw the return of the hit CBS show, "NCIS." With it, came the call from fans of the show for "Ziva," portrayed by Cote de Pablo to return. 


In the latest episode, the team got rescued by "Gibbs," portrayed by "Mark Harmon," from cataloging evidence as a punishment for hiding information about "Ziva" when she showed up unannounced. 

He brought them in to investigate the mysterious murder, and disappearance of homeless veterans, after discovering a severed leg, and a horse without a rider. 

While the investigation progressed on-screen, fans of the show went on Twitter to protest the absence of Cote's character, and ask for more episodes with her in them.


One person tweeting about it wrote, "@cotedepablo1279, so happy to have seen you on two episodes," adding, "We want more Ziva," with three heart-shaped emojis at the end.

Another fan of the show tweeted about missing Tuesday night's episode due to Ziva's absence, writing,

"Me being like: 'Well Ziva isn't in this episode, so [me] not watching live, feels very right,"


While a third referring to the prepaid phone the character and "Gibbs" used in communicating during her return in episode one and two, asked,

"Will Ziva call on that phone before the end of the [episode]?" With three fingers crossed emojis.

Sadly, Cote's character didn't call, and "Gibbs" ended up taking the phone and his to the homeless veterans to reach the team after solving the case. The call for "Ziva's" return started while episode three aired last week. 


"I will not be fully satisfied [with] this season until I see Tony, Ziva, and Tali together on screen. And not in a picture, [but] live, and interacting, happy, and together."

Another tweeted, "Yes, we are still talking Ziva, and we may never stop," While a third asked, "Um, excuse me, where is #Ziva? Were the last two weeks a dream?"

Fans were not dreaming during the first two weeks of season 17 of "NCIS," and they can expect to see "Ziva" return for two more episodes in late Fall or early Winter.

"NCIS" airs Tuesday on CBS at 8 pm ET.