October 21, 2019

Daily Joke: Two Men Return to the Spot They Went Fishing 20 Years Ago

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Two young men went on a camping trip to the woods. To their delight, they found a great trout brook there and decided to spend the day fishing.

As their graduation day neared, two young men decided to go for a fun camping trip out on the woods. It was a pleasant day so they decided to explore the woods. 

After some time, they came across a trout brook. Their trip couldn't have been any better! The ecstatic men rented two fishing tackles, having decided that they would spend their day catching fish and drinking beer. 

Since they would be busy with their professional lives right after graduating, the two men decided that they would meet at the same place after twenty years to live the fun day they just had. 


Two men go fishing. | Source: Pexels

As days went by, the two men couldn't see each other much although they kept in touch. They stopped seeing one another altogether after a few years. 


However, they hadn't forgotten about the vow they made at the trout brook. So twenty years later, they met in the woods just like they had planned. 

They relied on their memory to make their way to the brook. Finally, they came across one and one of the men exclaimed, "This is the place!"

A man standing near a fishing brook. | Source: Pexels


"No, it isn't," replied the other man. 

"Yes, it is. I know because I remember the clover growing on the other side of the bank," the first man insisted. 

""Silly, you can't tell a brook by its clover."

Source: jokes2go

A lake in the woods. | Source: Pexels



A father took his 8-year-old son camping in the woods for the first time. After they were done setting up the camp, the little boy asked his father where the toilet was. 

"That's the beauty of camping in the woods, son. Nature is your toilet!" the father said. 

"Okay, dad," the son replied before wandering off to the woods. 

Camping in the woods. | Source: Pexels


After a few minutes, the son returns to the campfire. The father asked him where he went to the toilet. 

"In your tent," the son said. 

A little boy running. | Source: Pexels



Jack and Dan were on a camping trip in the woods when suddenly, Dan passed out. Jack immediately calls the ambulance and tells them about the situation.

"My friend just passed out in the woods and he has been unresponsive for a while now. I think he might be dead."

"Sir, could you please make sure if he is actually dead?" replied the ambulance service. 

Aiming a gun. | Source: Pexels

After a few seconds, the ambulance service hears a shot from the phone. 

"Okay, now what?" asked Jack. 

Source: upjoke

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