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October 22, 2019

Theresa Caputo of 'Long Island Medium' Says She Currently Has No Plans to Remarry after Divorce from Larry

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Theresa Caputo talked about marrying again as a possibility, even if she still considers her ex Larry Caputo family: "Right now, I'd have to say no."

While divorce is already a complicated process to go through in itself, Theresa Caputo had to endure it under the public eye, making headlines here and there.

After separating from her ex-husband, Larry, the reality star revealed she is unsure if walking down the aisle is still a possibility she considers. She said:

"Right now, I'd have to say no."

Theresa Caputo attends the Build Series. | Source: Getty Images


Caputo admitted that she no longer knows what dating is after meeting her former husband at a young age and being with him since then.

She also considered her public life as a hindrance in finding someone who would accept the publicity, which she has grown to live with for years.

Theresa Caputo appears on stage at the Tropicana Showroom. | Source: Getty Images


Their decision to have a divorce did not cut ties between the former couple completely, as they continue co-parenting their two children, Victoria and Larry Jr.

The two also remain friends as Larry will occasionally appear in future episodes of "Long Island Medium" despite living in California now. Caputo spoke of her divorce:

"You know, we're able to communicate with each other and be there for our kids and still allow him to have that separate relationship with our children from myself."

Theresa Caputo attends the "Tigerland" New York Screening. | Source: Getty Images


Although now living separate lives, the two acknowledge that they are still a family with kids whom they love and care for.

Caputo admits that the process has been hard on her, adding that she sometimes forgets that she can no longer call Larry like she used to. She said:

"I still love Larry; it's …how can I not? You know, we had 34 years together. Larry and I started dating when I was 18, you know? So, he was such a big part of my life."

During her interview with Us Weekly, Caputo revealed that she was still "grieving" her failed marriage and misses the life of marriage. 



However, unlike other fresh divorcees, she does not have difficulty in seeing Larry with other people, as long as he's happy. She said:

"At the end of the day, that's what we want out of life, is for us to be happy and to live our best lives."

The former couple finalized their divorce in December of last year, which they revealed to the public through a joint statement. 


Both parties tried to patch up their broken marriage, but the possibility of reconciliation remained slim. The divorce was hard on both of them, yet had to be done for the better.

Although now living separate lives, the two acknowledge that they are still a family with kids whom they love and care for. Caputo said:

"We still have a friendship, which is very, very important."