October 23, 2019

Diddy's Mystery Date Nicole Olivera Reportedly Says He's Single Amid Lori Harvey Split Rumors

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It seems everything is done between Lori Harvey and Diddy as the woman he was spotted dining with recently reveals that "he is single." 

After an unfollowing spree on social media, Lori and Diddy made their separation a little bit more obvious after the rapper was seen dining with another woman without fear of being seen. 

Riding together on one of Diddy's sportscars to and from the restaurant, it seems there was no hiding the fact that the rapper decided to meet with another woman despite not announcing his split with Harvey.

Diddy onstage the Times Talks event | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine


No Beating Around the Bush

The woman was identified as Nicole Olivera, but after seeing that her name was making headlines due to the alleged affair, she clarified that she and the rapper are just friends and that Lori and Diddy are indeed over. 

"He's single, I'm single - we're friends." 


Clarifying their Relationship

She adds that she's been close to the Combs family for years because she and Diddy have been friends for about a decade now. 

To make things a lot more interesting, rumors have been circulating of Olivera's involvement with Diddy's son Justin as well, who posted a flirty comment on one of her Instagram posts recently. 


Setting the Record Straight

However, to make things clear and to set the record straight, she denied the accusations. 

"I've never dated or had anything romantic or sexual with Justin or any of his sons.  I'd never date or be romantically or sexually involved with a son and then his father or vice versa... no offense to anyone who's into that, to each their own."


Naming the Mystery Girl

Just a couple of weeks ago, people were in the dark about the mystery girl that Diddy was spotted dining with at a popular LA eatery. In fact, many thought it was a jab at Lori Harvey, whom Diddy has been spotted with multiple times both in the US and on luxury vacations. 

Now that she's officially said her piece on her dating Diddy or any of his kids for that matter, and his recent split from Lori Harvey, Olivera would like to be excluded from the narrative.