Kylie Jenner of KUWTK Wishes a Happy 39th Birthday to Sister Kim Kardashian

Kylie Jenner takes to social media to honor her step-sister Kim Kardashian's 39th birthday with a heartfelt "I love you" message, and the latter responds in kind. 

Kim marked her 39th birthday on Monday, October 21, and the internet was set abuzz with heartfelt wishes for her. 

One of the, however, most noticeable messages came from her much younger sister, Kylie, who took to Instagram to celebrate her. 

The 22-year-old makeup mogul could barely contain her emotions as she penned down and publicly shared words of love for Kim on her world-famous Instagram page, @kyliejenner, which boasts of nearly 150 million followers! 

The message reads:

"Happy birthday to my beautiful big sister. I'm so blessed to have you in my life!! Your love, guidance, selflessness, and loyalty are unmatched. I love you in this life and beyond!!!" 

The heartfelt message accompanies a stunning close-up picture of Kylie and the celebrant, which gives viewers a chance to appreciate the gorgeous facial features of the women. 

The women, who belong to the famous reality star family, the Kardashian-Jenner clan, seem to have similar features. They both appear to be wearing nude tank tops and also both sport bronzed skin, nude makeup, and wet-looking hair. 

What is, however, most heartwarming about the snap is the intimate pose captured with Kylie posed sideways so that she leaned into Kim, who looked straight at the camera.

Kylie also showed a gesture of love as she put one of her hands on the mother of four's face affectionately. There really couldn't be a picture more perfect for Kylie to honor Kim, who she has always looked onto.

Her heartfelt post didn't go unnoticed by Kim, who took to the comments section to send a short message of appreciation and love. She commented:

"I love you so much!!!!"

The many other comments are compliments from fans as well as endearing wishes for Kim Kardashian.

Harper's Bazaar shares that Kim, as expected, celebrated the significant milestone with a big birthday bash and, what more, had her youngest sister – yes, Kylie – give her a makeover for the perfect party look! 

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