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Clint Eastwod Is a Proud Dad of 8 Beautiful Kids - Meet All of Them

Pedro Marrero
Nov 01, 2019
02:33 A.M.
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Even though he has been only married twice, the legendary Hollywood actor and director is known to have had several romances during his long life and career, which has resulted in a large offspring.


89-year-old Clint Eastwood has been a Hollywood A-lister for decades, ever since he became an iconic onscreen cowboy and tough guy. He eventually developed an acclaimed and prolific career as a filmmaker, starring in some of his own films.

Actor Clint Eastwood and his offspring. I Image: Getty Images.


But besides his professional success, Eastwood has been involved with many women in his lifetime, and however rocky his relationships can be, he is still a proud parent to his eight grown children. Let’s meet each one of them. 


55-year-old Kimber Lynn was born from an extra-marital affair Clint had for 14 years during his first marriage. Her mother is the 89-year-old actress Roxanne Tunis.  


Kimber Lynn has some acting experience, mostly in video and short films, but she has a more successful career in the industry as a makeup artist. Since 2014, she has also been into producing.

The star’s daughter has been married twice, most recently to producer Shawn Midkiff, and she shares 35-year-old son Clinton Eastwood Gaddie with her first husband Anthony.


51-year-old Kyle is a Jazz musician that plays the bass and has released a considerable number of albums in the genre, apart from contributing to several of the music scores for his father’s films.


Kyle Eastwood. I Image: Getty Images.

Kyle is the elder child shared by Clint and his first wife Maggie Johnson, with whom she married in 1953, a marriage that went on for 30 years. Kyle is followed by his sister Alison.


Kyle has a 24-year-old daughter named Graylen Spencer Eastwood, who is making a name for herself in the music industry, as a rock drummer. She also has a little experience as writer and actress.


47-year-old Alison is the second child of the actor with his first wife Maggie Johnson. Like many of her siblings, she has pursued a career as an actress and co-starred in Clint’s film “The Mule.”

Alison Eastwood. I Image: Getty Images.


Alison also worked as director in “Rails & Ties,” “Battle Creek,” and the TV series “Unleashed.” She is married to Staicy Poitras, an American chainsaw carving sculptor, since 2013, following her divorce from first husband Kirk Fox in 2000.

She likes animals and cares about it, that’s why she founded The Eastwood Ranch Foundation. This Foundation rescues pets from shelters and cares for them until finding a home, with lovely owners who bring them a family.


33-year-old Scott is the best-known child of the actor, thanks to him following the steps of his father and pursuing a career in front of the screen. He debuted as a movie actor with a small part in Clint’s 2006 film “Flag of Our Fathers.”


Scott is the older of the two children Clint had with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves, and he was followed by sister Kathryn.

Scott Eastwood. I Image: Getty Images.


During the early years of his career, Scott went by his mother’s last name Reeves to not take advantage of his father’s fame, but he was happy to work with his father again in “Gran Torino” (2008).

Scott has used his father’s last name professionally since appearing in Clint’s “Invictus” (2009) and has escalated positions in the industry, recently landing roles in “Suicide Squad”(2016), “The Fate of the Furious” (2017), and “Pacific Rim: Uprising” (2018).


31-year-old Kathryn is the second child resulting from the relationship between Clint and flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. She is an actress and a writer, with two screenplays credited so far.


Kathryn Eastwood. I Image: Getty Images.

 Kathryn was on her father’s 2014 film “Jersey Boys,” playing a small role as Tommy’s Girlfriend. She also appeared in the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Muse: Retribution," and in the drama "House Slave."


 More recently, she appeared in the short film “Thick Water” (2016), and in the horror movie "Virus of the Dead” (2018).


26-year-old Francesca was born out of Clint’s five-year relationship with actress Frances Fisher, and it is not surprising that she decided to become an actress as well.

Clint Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood, and Frances Fisher. I Image: Getty Images.


After a couple of small appearances as a child, Francesca spent more than a decade away from the industry to return for the series “Oh, You Pretty Things!” in 2014.

She has continued working her way up in the industry, recently appearing in cult series like “Fargo” and “Twin Peaks,” both in 2017. Her last role to date was in the 2019 film “Wake Up.”

Francesca Eastwood. I Image: Getty Images.


In 201 3, Francesca was married for a week to actor Jonah Hill’s brother Jordan Feldstein for a week, after which the marriage was annulled, with Francesca calling the entire thing a “goof off.”

The young actress became a mother in September 2018, when she welcomed son Titan, shared with her former boyfriend, also actor Alexander Wraith.


22-year-old Morgan is the actor’s youngest daughter and the only child resulting from his marriage to his second wife Dina, which ended in 2013 after 17 years. Because of her young age, there is not much about her out there.


Morgan Eastwood. I Image: Getty Images.

She might still be figuring out what to do next. For now, she has had small appearances in her father’s films “Changeling” (2008) “and Million Dollar Baby” (2004). In 2019 she returned for a short titled “I See You,” still unreleased.


Also, Morgan’s Instagram feed suggests an interest in fashion and modeling, and she certainly has the looks to pursue those interests professionally.


Even though 65-year-old Laurie Murray is the oldest known child of Clint Eastwood, she is one of the latest additions to the family, for the actor wasn’t aware of her existence until she was 34. 


Though Laurie and her father reconnected decades ago, she was “revealed” to the public only in 2018, when she was photographed with the actor for the first time, during the premiere of Clint’s “The Mule.”

Laurie was born out of an affair from a between Clint and a woman in Seattle, that took place when the actor was already engaged to his first wife.


 When the relationship ended, the woman learned that she was pregnant and decided to give the baby up for adoption. More than 30 years passed before Murray decided to look for her biological parents.

 She studied at the University of Washington after which she went on to teach in a private elementary school. Laurie has been married to Lowell Thomas Murray III for several decades, and has two children: Lowell Thomas IV and Kelsey Hayford.