November 03, 2019

Woman Who Wants to Go on Family Vacation with Her Sons without Telling Daughter Gets Slammed

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A mother shared her dilemma over her plan to go on a vacation with her husband and sons without telling her daughter.

On Reddit, the mother wrote that her 24-year-old daughter is likely to ruin their family vacation if she goes with them.

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“We all planned a vacation together to cape cod, but we sort of came to the conclusion that we shouldn't invite my daughter Laura. Laura... she can be a mean person. She is quick to anger and can be extremely demanding to others (especially aimed at her two brothers) and sometimes even just a night out to dinner with her can be hard to get through because of the way she acts,” she said.


She went on to cite a few instances when her daughter behaved very badly towards her brothers and her father.

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“If she finds even the slightest thing wrong with someone, she will point it out, viciously,” the mother wrote.

But she said that her daughter “isn’t all bad” as she can also be funny and charming. “But she seems to have a problem when it comes to not being able to keep quiet over even slight things she finds annoying,” the mother wrote.

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She continued, “We want to have a fun vacation. But the thought of being with her for a week makes us all groan. It only takes one of her 'attacks' at us to really dampen the mood, especially when she starts insulting peoples’ characters and demeaning them.”


She sought Reddit users’ advice whether not telling her daughter they’re going on a vacation is the right thing to do.

“It sucks, because I do love her, but I also don't want to ruin a family vacation. I keep thinking how much fun it'll be to go with just the boys, and how awful it will be to go with her... but also how bad it is to not invite my own daughter,” she ended her note.


The mother ended up receiving mostly criticisms from other Reddit users.

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"Your daughter sounds like a nightmare. A nightmare that you've enabled," one of the commenters wrote.  “If you're considering not telling her that you're going on vacation, my guess is that the way you've dealt with her to this point is by avoiding conflict rather than confronting her attitude. That's not fair to any of you, her included. It sounds like she needs therapy. If she treats you all like this, chances are it bleeds into other parts of her life.”


Another user commented: “Not for going without her, but for not telling her and, what, hoping she doesn't find out? Her feelings are, rightfully, going to be hurt. You don't have to bring her, but you do need to talk to her. If there's a way you can do something with just her to make up for it, even better.”

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Another user chimed in: “The examples you've provided scream of repeating learnt patterns - sounds like she's behaving the way she's learnt from her parents. That being said, excluding just one child because you don't like the way you've raised her is pretty [expletive] behavior.”

This mother’s dilemma is reminiscent of another story shared on Reddit in which a man who kept his father's love child a secret became a subject of fierce debate.