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Texas Native Krystle Evans Survived 2 Heart Attacks While Pregnant with Twins

Joe Akins
Nov 08, 2019
02:00 A.M.
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After falling victim to heart attacks twice, in the course of her pregnancy, thirty-year-old Krystle Evans shares her testimony with the world.


The proud mom opened up about her health experience when she was only eight months into her pregnancy with her twins. With her story of gratitude, she intends to enlighten other pregnant women.

Female obstetrician talking with a pregnant patient in clinic examination room | Photo: Getty Images



According to sources garnered by the media, pregnant Krystle felt a little uneasy early last month during her leisure at her residence.

The chest contraction lasted for more than 15minutes before she felt relieved.

The Collins County resident had the same feeling the next day, but this time it was a little more intense. The pressure she felt affected her breathing and numbed one of her arms.

A pregnant woman holding baby belly | Photo: Getty Images


Unlike the first time when she thought it was something trivial, the other chest grip caused her husband to suggest an emergency doctor call.

Krystle detailed in her explanations that she feels grateful for her husband's suggestion. The couple, however, checked in the hospital, and the pregnant woman was admitted to the emergency ward.

According to the 30-year-old, her doctor's diagnosis was that she had been a victim of two heart attacks over two days.


She found it hard to believe, especially since she comes from a very healthy family with no such history with this type of disease. In her words:

"I'm very healthy, my family has no history of cardiovascular disease or heart attacks, so this was a big surprise."

After being observed in the hospital for some time, the mother of two gave birth to her twins, a boy, Sage, and a girl, Sage, through C-section.

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The pair were kept in intensive care for further care but were reported to be very healthy as they were not affected by the experience.


Krystle's story revealed that it is imperative for pregnant women to report any feeling of uneasiness, no matter how little.

According to Dr. Jerry Luciani, his conviction, as reported by NBC, is that the expectant mother's problem was as a result of her babies' extra pressure on her heart.

Various research shows that the rate at which the heart of a pregnant woman carrying twins pumps is 15% higher than a woman carrying one child.


Pregnant woman waiting in clinic examination room | Photo: Getty Images

Information garnered from studies on heart diseases, and pregnant women show that it is not usually hereditary. Most women now suffer from the condition due to change in the age of the expectant mother.


While it is on record that pregnancy reconfigures the whole-body process of pumping blood, a heart attack is a rare condition.

Still, it is essential to pay attention to the little details which may affect the baby and mother rather than assume.

Although she is a mother of four, (her twins, along with toddler son and 7-year-old daughter,), she is stable at the moment, and her doctor advised that she continues to check her heart for any future problems.