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Millbrook Twins' Sudden Disappearance Nearly 30 Years Ago Is Explored Anew in TV Special

Joe Akins
Nov 10, 2019
10:20 P.M.
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The disappearance of the Millbrook twins in 1990 is one mystery that still baffles a lot of people, and thirty years after its occurrence, a two-hour television special will try to answer the many questions surrounding the girls.


March 18, 1990, will remain a day to remember in the community of Augusta, Georgia, as it was the day that 15-year-old twins Jeannette Millbrook and Dannette Millbrook went missing without a trace.


Thirty years later, the girls remain missing, with many unanswered questions still hanging in the air.

Some of those questions and much more information surrounding the case would be looked into in a television documentary, which is set to premiere later this month.

"I am just hoping one day I will see them walking through my front door."


The Millbrook Twins saga is one that divides opinion, with many people believing that the Police paid little attention to their disappearance, and there are also questions surrounding the media's coverage of the case.

The television special titled: "The Disappearance of the Millbrook Twins" will begin airing on Oxygen from Saturday, November 23, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

It is not the first effort that would be geared towards trying to solve the mystery. Back in 2017, a podcast titled "The Fall Line" tried to renew interest in the case.


Those efforts didn't bear much fruit, as there was little media attention given to it, with people still faulting the Police for their lack of interest.

The Oxygen Special is, however, taking a different course of action, by enlisting the services of a former Prosecutor Laura Coates, and a former homicide detective, Page Reynolds.

These experts would try to take a new look at the case and try to find justice for the twins' relatives, who still hope and believe that the girls could still be alive.


The executive producer of the television special, Will Parker summarized its aim in a statement, saying:

"For nearly three decades, the family of Jeanette and Danette Millbrook have been waiting for them to come home. We exhaustively searched for the answers to this incomprehensible tragedy, while offering hope to a family that is struggling for closure."

The special will also feature Coates and Reynolds meeting with the Twins' Family, and also reach out to interact with experts in the field to help bring the case to an end.


The Twins' family continues to keep hope alive, and their mother, Mary Sturgis, continues to wait for the day her girls would come back.

Speaking to NewsChannel 6 during one of the remembrance vigils held for the girls, she said:

"I am just hoping one day I will see them walking through my front door."

Many would be hoping that the mysterious disappearance of the girls would be solved when the Oxygen Television Special Premieres. Fingers Crossed.