Georgia high school marching band spells out racial slur

Students of the Brookwood High School in Gwinett County are to be disciplined following their actions.

CBS 46 reported that during a performance at the half-time show of a football game, four marching band members lined up at the forefront.

Their instruments were covered with letters on them. In the formation, the students took, the letter spelled out an offensive racial slur that starts with the letter "c."

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Of course, parents and other attendees of the game were outraged. When the story was shared online, there was outrage throughout social media as well.

The Principal, Bo Ford, sent out a letter to explain the situation. In it, she clarified that the school's mascot name, "Broncos," is spelled out by letters on a few of the instruments. The instruments themselves are not usually covered with the letters.

But now, the picture of the slur has gone viral on social media. Ford referred to it as "hurtful and disrespectful to audience members."

She added:

"It was also disappointing, as it does not reflect the standards and beliefs of our school and community."

Ford insisted that the school faced "personal challenges that resulted in [the] band director not being on the field when the band took the field."

She reassured parents that there will be a review of halftime procedures and the school will discipline the students.

Nonetheless, parents are calling for the students involved to be expelled. Mother Shawn Myers told WAGA that the phrase is "to belittle black people."

She continued, "It's just like saying the N-word, but this is worse because it's coming from students at a public high school."

According to Myers, the students "need to be held accountable" by expulsion and nothing less.

"They do not need to be back in that school until they learn that everyone is there for the same reason — regardless of color — to get an education.”

Back in June 2018, an occurrence of racism came from a full grown adult towards a Korean-American veteran.

James Ahn was subjected to offensive actions from a woman who felt Ahn was driving too slow. He captured the incident on video.

Although he moved to another lane to allowe her to pass, the woman still shouted racial insults at Ahn. She also used her hands to slant her eyes as she degraded the former Air Force officer.

Police authorities said that no crime had been committed, despite Ahn feeling it was a hate crime. Still, Ahn posted the video to Facebook and the woman was subsequently identified.

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