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November 13, 2019

Jay Ellis from 'Insecure' Welcomes a Baby Girl Named Nora Grace with Longtime Girlfriend Nina Senicar

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"Insecure" star Jay Ellis and his longtime girlfriend Nina Senicar have officially welcomed their baby girl into the world. This comes months after the pair announced their engagement and their expectancy. 

Jay Ellis and Nina Senicar's lives just changed for the better now that they've welcomed their daughter, Nora Grace Ellis into their lives.

Jay Ellis and longtime girlfriend Nina Senicar at a formal event | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine


The Birth of Nora Grace Ellis

The little girl was born on November 8, 2019, and the proud parents shared the first glimpse of Nora in an artistic photo of both parents holding on to one of her little feet. 

"And just like that our lives got a whole new meaning. Welcome Nora Grace Ellis. 8.11.2019."


Keeping His Personal Life Private

While Senicar announced the birth of their child on social media, Ellis has been rather quiet. After all, he's not one to share much about his personal life to others, and would rather keep his relationship private. 

Nina was expecting their little girl to come out any time now, as she was already 40 weeks pregnant last week. At the time, she was only "counting the hours" until she could hold Nora in her arms. 


Becoming a Family of Three

Now that the time has finally come, Nina and Jay officially became a family of three, and ahead of their wedding, they'll have quite a lot of sleepless nights taking care of their newborn. 

Back in July, news of the couple's engagement surfaced online. At the time, they also announced that they were expecting their first child and at the time, she was already 4 months pregnant. 


A Rather Private Relationship

Nina and Jay have been dating since 2015, and almost all throughout, they've kept their relationship out of the public eye. 

That's why when it comes to their wedding, they are most likely going to have a secret and intimate one with just their closest family and friends there to celebrate with them. 


Back in "Insecure"

As for fans of "Insecure," they can expect to see Ellis back in action for the show's fourth season, where he's even set to direct an episode. 

The actor himself posted about the particular episode he's directing, which is the seventh episode of the season. 

Congratulations, Nina and Jay!