Sean Astin and the Kids from 'The Goonies' Then and Now

Pedro Marrero
Nov 15, 2019
12:30 P.M.

Steven Spielberg has left us this comedy about the adventures of a group from Astoria, Oregon, a pirate treasure map and a cavern full of skeletons. This is one of the most beloved films and marked the beginning of several successful careers in the world of entertainment.


The Goonies is one of the classic movies of the 80s that the children of the time could enjoy although it is not completely appropriate for them. The actors who took this adventure to the big screen have grown and changed a lot since their days as treasure hunters.

The success of the film has transcended the change of millennium and today, in Astoria, Oregon, the town where most of the scenes of the film were filmed, the mayor named on June 7 "Day of the Goonies" in honor of the film, and the town holds an annual celebration.


Corey Feldman I Image: Getty Images

Corey Feldman I Image: Getty Images

Corey Scott Feldman has sustained a 35-year career as a steadily working actor, with more than 80 films. Feldman then began a series of appearances in blockbuster films such as “Gremlins,” “The Goonies,” and “Stand by Me.”


He was a regular in the series "Dweebs", followed by a leading role in "The Vampire Club," the reality show "Surreal Life" in the early 2000s, also provided the voice of Donatello for “Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles” and released a solo album, "Former Child Actor."


Sean Astin I Image: Getty Images

Sean Astin I Image: Getty Images

Sean Patrick Astin is well known for his portrayal of Mikey in “The Goonies,” for playing the lead role in “Rudy,” and for his role as dear Sam Gamgee in the trilogy “Lord of The Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring,” “Lord of The Ring: The Two Towers ”and“ Lord of The Ring: The Return of the King.”

Recently, Astin won a role in the second season of Netflix's hit series "Stranger Things." He has maintained a strong career as an actor in action and television movies and voice actor in series, movies and cartoons, anime dubbing, and videogames.



Josh Brolin I Image: Getty Images

Josh Brolin I Image: Getty Images

Josh Brolin was the older brother in "The Goonies," then went on to work on TV, in series like "Private Eye" and "The Young Riders." He returned to the movies with “The Road Killers,” “Gang in Blue,” “Bed of Roses,” “Nightwatch,” and he appeared with his father in "My brother's war."

The "Labor Day" and "No Country for Old Men" star is an Oscar-nominated actor, with so many credits to his name in more or less successful films like "Milk," "W." by Oliver Stone, "Women in Troubles,” and “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger,” and the villain Thanos in “Avengers: Endgame.”


Jeff Cohen I Image: Getty Images

Jeff Cohen I Image: Getty Images


Jeff Cohen played "Chunk", and only acted for a few years after "The Goonies." He appeared in episodes of "Family Ties," “Popeye and Son,” “She's the Sheriff,” and his last acting job was in "Perfect Harmony," a TV movie.

Cohen, who attended the University of California, Berkeley, studied law and founded Cohen Gardner LLP. He is also a writer with his first published book: "The Dealmaker's Ten Commandments: Ten Essential Tools for Business Forged in the Trenches of Hollywood."



Kerri Green plays Andy Carmichael in "The Goonies." Then, she played one of John Candy's three children in the movie "Summer Rental!" However, she gave the most successful performance in "Lucas."

Kerri met Charlie Sheen for the movie "Three for the Road," he participated in the TV movie "Blue Flame," and received critical acclaim for his "Bellyfruit." More recently, he appeared in the domestic drama "Complacent."


Martha Plimpton I Image: Getty Images

Martha Plimpton I Image: Getty Images

Martha Plimpton played Stef, Andy's best friend. Before, she was a model of Calvin Klein, and after the film, she has made many appearances on TV, in “ER” and “Raising Hope,” independent films like "200 Cigarettes," "Parenthood," even appears in the “Minecraft” video game.


Martha worked in theaters and made her Chicago debut with the Steppenwolf Theater Company Ensemble in "The Libertine." With them, he received a National Medal of Arts award. In addition, a name has been made as an activist for women's rights and LGBT.


Ke Huy Quan (Jonathan Ke Quan) played the character "Data Trap". We also saw him as Short Round of "Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom." Since that time, he has played mostly nerdy characters, and finally got a regular role in "Head of the Class."


His last role as an actor in the United States was in “Encino Man,” and since then he has worked as a double coordinator in the X-Men films, among others.


Anne Ramsey appears as Mama Fratelli in "The Goonies." He later had an equally iconic performance in Danny Devito's "Throw Momma from the Train." Ramsey knew that he wanted to be an actress from an early age, unfortunately, he didn't have his chance until he was 40 years old.

Fortunately, once he had his chance, he did not waste it because he remained busy throughout his career in television and film. Unfortunately, I was developing mouth cancer and the treatments were unsuccessful. Anne died in 1988 at the age of 59.


Joe Pantoliano I Image: Getty Images

Joe Pantoliano I Image: Getty Images


Joe Pantoliano plays Francis, the older brother of the two criminals Fratelli. After "The Goonies," he has become a participant of countless shows and movies.

He was beaten to death in "The Sopranos," he was shot in the face in "Memento," and was close to killing Neo in "Matrix." Recently, he has met with former Matrix directors for special appearances.


Robert Davi played Jake Fratelli, a member of the family of thieves who act like the bad guys in the movie. He is well known for playing Franz Sánchez, one of James Bond's most popular villains in "License to Kill."

Also the FBI special agent Big Johnson in "Die Hard," Al Torres in "Showgirls," Leo Marks in "The Iceman." Davi produced, directed, co-wrote, and starred in "The Dukes," released his debut album, Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance and keeps busy volunteering.



Mary Ellen Trainor appeared in many feature films in the 80s, among her prominent characters are Elaine, "Romancing the Stone," Dr. Stephanie Woods, Los Angeles Police Psychiatrist in the four films of "Lethal Weapon."

She also played Mrs. Walsh Mikey and Brand's mother in "The Goonies," reporter Gail Wallens in "Die Hard" and "Ricochet." She died from complications of pancreatic cáncer in 2015.

A fun movie for all ages, even in these times where the protagonists and the audience have grown. After more than thirty years, it has become a family entertainment classic.

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