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'Chicago Fire' Major Character Gets in Serious Car Crash in Fall Finale & Fans Are Worried

Gracious Egedegbe
Nov 22, 2019
12:00 A.M.
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This week’s episode of “Chicago” fire has left fans worried following an accident that almost claimed the life of the fan-favourite firefighter, Stella Kidd, as well as that of a mother, and her young daughter.


“Chicago Fire” star, Stella Kidd has proven herself more than a firefighter in recent episodes, with her undeniable disaster management skills and display of leadership prowess.


However, in the new episode of the NBC series, her relentless efforts to prove herself seemed to have taken a toll on her, and almost cost three lives.


This eight-season premiered with the death of a fellow firehouse 51 crew member, Otis, played by Yuri Sardarov, leaving both fans and the crew members devastated.

Eamonn Walker, Annie Ilonzeh and Kara Killmer on set of Chicago Fire | Photo: Getty Images


Apparently, none was more affected than Stella Kidd who still could not get past the loss even after the nine-episode run of the season. The firefighter has continued to push herself since Otis death, coupled with the continuous pressure from her boss, Boden to perform up to his expectations.

This week previewed the fall finale of the series, showing Stella Kidd in a new light. The fierce, ever-vibrant female firefighter viewers were used to, appeared to have been substituted with a distracted, weary, young woman.


In the episode, the firefighter was faced with two awry situations, first was during a scary mission to rescue a climber from the top of a building, and an exhausted Stella got distracted during the mission, which almost led to the man's death.


In another close call, the firehouse 51 rescue operative drove out of the station on her way home after the other crew members advised her to go home and take some much-needed rest, as a lasting solution to her exhaustion.


However, on getting to a road intersection, she experienced another episode of distraction, causing her to miss the stop sign on the traffic light, and drove right into an oncoming vehicle.

As the scene unfolded, the firefighters came through for the accident victims, rescuing their partner, and the occupants of the car she collided with.

To her dismay, the devastated firefighter realised that her actions almost claimed the life of a woman and her daughter, and that was the final conviction the rescue operative needed that she was indeed pushing herself too hard and needed to rest.


The episode wrapped up with a little play on Stella and Severide’s love story, as viewers watched the latter tuck her into bed affectionately for a long night, and then a concluding scene of the finale, where Boden apologised to the fire rescuer for pushing her too hard.


Following the play out of the episode, fans of the NBC series expressed their worries over the new face of Stella on the series. Viewers took to Twitter to pour out their displeasure over the sad turn while playing on the crash scene.

David Eigenberg, Miranda Rae Mayo, Joe Minoso, "Chicago Fire" at "One Chicago Day" at Lagunitas Brewing Company in Chicago | Getty Images


One fan tweeted:

“I don’t think that’s what they meant that you need to ‘crash,’ Stella.”

Another noted:

“Omg Stella Kidd you should have asked for a ride.”

Viewers also expressed their concerns for the welfare of the distressed firefighter. One tweeted:

“What’s going on with Sara? I hope it’s nothing serious.”

Miranda Rae Mayo, "Chicago Fire" at "One Chicago Day" at Lagunitas Brewing Company in Chicago | Photo: Getty Images


Another expressed concerns, saying:

“Glad, Stella is okay. Hopefully, she will realise she needs to take better care of herself & that she can’t do it all at once.”


It can be recalled that the preceding episode of the series showed the much-anticipated reunion between Matt Cassey and his ex-wife, Gabriella Dawson, before the sacred statue erected in memory of Otis.

The former love birds reconnected instantly, spending the most of Gabby’s two-day visit in each other’s company, and rekindling their love spark in the process.

Sadly though, Gabby had to return to Puerto-Rico, but not before giving her ex the green light to visit anytime. “Chicago Fire” is certainly on a mission to give viewers high and low moments in this eight-season.