November 27, 2019

Chad and Erin Paine from 'Bringing up Bates' Welcome Fourth Child, Daughter Holland Grace

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There's a new baby in the Bates family! Chad Paine and his wife, Erin Bates, both of "Bringing up Bates" fame, just welcomed their fourth child, a daughter, named Holland Grace.

Chad and Erin Paine's family gave grown to a family-of-six, with the arrival of their daughter, Holland Grace.


The "Bringing up Bates" star broke the news on her Instagram page with a photo of the parents looking adorably at their baby girl wrapped in a striped blanket, and another of their older children, Chance Steven, Brooklyn Elsie, and 19-month-old Everly Hope, cramped into the hospital bed.

The couple expressed their joy in the caption, writing

"Our hearts are overflowing with happiness and love as we embrace our newest gift, Holland Grace. The thrill of welcoming a new baby into a family never gets old, and with the added excitement of big brother and sisters, the thrill has only escalated."


Erin got a lot of congratulatory messages from her followers, with many commenting on how beautiful the baby's name is. In a statement to People, the reality stars said the birth of their daughter, who weighed 5 lbs. and 5 oz. is more special because of the Thanksgiving season, adding that they had the support of their family and friends.

The couple, who got married in 2013, and experienced miscarriages before the birth of their first child, announced they were expecting in June, with a post on Instagram. The news was met with mixed reactions, as some fans frowned at the rate families like the Bates and Duggars give birth, describing it as an addiction.


Erin grew up in a family of nineteen children aged between 30 and 7. Her parents, Gil and Kelly Bates, met in college and got married soon after. They had their first child, Zach, in '88, and since they don't believe in birth control due to their faith, they kept on having children.

Whether or not Chad and his wife will have more children is still open for debate, but for now, Holland Grace is the center of attention and enjoying love from her numerous aunties, uncles, and cousins.