November 30, 2019

Daily Joke: 4 Married Guys Discuss Their Wives While Fishing

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Married men can sometimes have a hard time convincing their wives to hang out with friends, and nobody knows what stories could be made!

In this joke, four married guys went fishing and, after a few hours, an interesting conversation was held between them.

It seems that most of them just needed the fishing trip so badly that they were obliged to come up with some out-of-nowhere promises to be able to go.


First guy: “You can't imagine what I went through to be able to come out fishing today. I had no choice but to promise my wife I will paint all the rooms in the house next weekend.”

The second man, thinking about his blitheness during the time he was giving his word to his darling: “That’s not a big deal! I had to guarantee that I’d build a new deck for the pool.”

Pool | Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay


The third guy in despair: “Man, the two of you have it easy! I had to give my word to my wife that I’ll redo the whole kitchen for her.”

They continued to fish and think about their conditions until they noticed the fourth gentleman had not spoken about anything. It seemed strange to them not to hear a word.


Their curiosity was driving them crazy to hear another silly promise, and they couldn't hold back anymore. So they asked him:

“You haven’t said a single word about what you had to do to be among us for the fishing this weekend. What did you agree on?”


The fourth guy cleared his throat, and spoke in a condescending tone to his poor friends:

“I just set my alarm for 5:30 in the morning. When it started ringing, I dismissed the alarm, poked the wife and said, “Fishing, or sex,” and she replied, “Wear a sweater.”

Now that's how it's done!

Next time you're planning to hang out with mates, remember this guy's strategy and think twice before promising anything to your wife! 

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