Matt Roloff of LPBW Fame Shares Photo from Thanksgiving Trip Taken without His Family or Girlfriend Caryn Chandler

Matt Roloff is straying away from the normal pattern of Thanksgiving as he spent his holiday with a travel buddy.

While most celebrities were sharing lovely photos with their families to commemorate Thanksgiving, Matt Roloff decided not to follow the herd. 

Yesterday, the Roloff patriarch shared a photo of how his Thanksgiving journey went.

Alongside the photo that showed Roloff posing beside a friend and smiling for the camera, the reality star explained that he chose to spend the day reflecting on his life and being thankful for his "expanding family."

As revealed by PopCulture, Matt disclosed that he spent the day in Cabo San Lucas soaking up the sun with a travel buddy named Ty.

Before fans could come up with speculations as to why he didn't spend the day with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler, Matt was quick to reveal that Caryn was away in Arizona with his family.

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I didn’t want the day to slip by without sharing an important story of mine... I was reflecting on my life and how Thankful I am for my expanding family and all the Wonderful amazing people in my life. I’m in Cabo San Lucas enjoying some serious warm sunshine with my travel buddy Ty (Caryn is in Arizona with her family). Ty and I will be headed there to catch up in a few days.. We are hoping there are some leftovers :). Today however, I’m reminded of a song that my parents taught me as a very small child. ...”This little light of mine... I’m gonna let it shine... this little light of mine... I’m gonna let it shine .. let it shine.. let it shine” .... (everyday) all the time!! Download it from your favorite artist it might make You smile.... That songs is a mantra music tune I continue to try to live by every day ...I just played it for Ty and he got emotional because it’s such a powerful simple message that demonstrates the power God can have in your life helping You in shining Your light... Its not often easy but today is a great time to remember to shine Your Light everywhere You go.... I’m shining mine.. I hope You are too!!

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He then went on to recount a childhood song that has turned out to be a mantra for his life. Matt ended his emotional post encouraging his followers, writing:

"It's not often easy, but today is a great time to remember to shine your light everywhere you go. I'm shining mine. I hope you are too!!"

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Ok. This is some serious Roloff family business that I’m going to lay out for you all!! ... I am the most Blessed Grandpa on the planet earth.. not to take anything away from All the other Blessed Grandpas’ out there in grandpa land... but over the past several days ( I haven’t been on social media much) because we’ve been a bit occupied.. most of you probably know my 3rd grand baby Lilah Ray was born to my son Zach and his amazing wife Tori Over the past several days... I’ve taken a hundred different photos and dozens of videos of all the incredible experiences we’ve had as an extended family. Soon our fourth grand baby will arrive. But this post is about the latest edition to the Roloff family. Lilah is a professional baby.. no other way to say it!’ ..Just like her big brother Jackson and her cousin Ember she is Amazing in every way. She’s beautiful, calm, cool and collected. She eats and sleeps just like a professional baby. Out of the many photos taken over the past few days I choose these to share because they show the family unity that came together to make everything perfect. ... And another perfectly crafted individual grandchild enters the world for this very very proud grandpa! #lovelovetoAllthegrandpasoutthere #bringonmoreimready

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PopCulture notes that Matt's fans were touched by his words and sent their remarks. One fan wrote:

"You are a ray of sunshine to so many. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours."

Matt's post came shortly after he welcomed his third granddaughter on November 19.

According to PEOPLE, Zach and Tori welcomed their second child and first daughter, Lilah Ray, who was born weighing 8 lbs., 9 oz., and measuring 18½ inches long.

While speaking about the birth of her daughter, the new mom said to the publication:

"Zach and I are so excited to introduce you to our sweet baby girl Lilah. She has been the perfect addition to our family!"

Lilah Ray's birth was indeed a remarkable event for the entire Roloff family as InTouch Weekly notes that matriarch Amy Roloff and her ex-husband's girlfriend, Caryn, put aside their differences to meet the little one.

Amy Roloff visits Hollywood Today Live at W Hollywood on December 13, 2016 in Hollywood. | Photo: Getty Images

Amy Roloff visits Hollywood Today Live at W Hollywood on December 13, 2016 in Hollywood. | Photo: Getty Images

According to reports, both women shared selfies with the newest bundle of joy to their Instagram page on the same day, showing what many perceive as a united front.

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