December 08, 2019

Fantasia Has a 7-Year-Old Son with Ex-Boyfriend Antwaun Cook - Meet Dallas Xavier Barrino

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American singer Fantasia's only son, Dallas, the product of her highly controversial relationship with Antwaun Cook, is no longer the baby fans knew. At 8, he is so much cuteness overload. 

Dallas Xavier Barrino is the product of Fantasia's short-lived relationship with a married Antwaun Cook. Despite the ill reports that once surrounded his birth, Dallas has grown beautifully to become the subject of netizen's admiration. 

Fantasia performs onstage during the 2018 Essence Festival on July 8, 2018 | Photo: Getty Images


Quite recently, Fantasia, who rose to fame following her 2004 "American Idol" win, took to Instagram to express a longing to be with the youngster, who resembles her so much and has displayed a talent for singing. 

Alongside a photo of a smiling Dallas, the gorgeous singer wrote:

"My Lil Karate Kid Dallas I Miss You!! Mommy will be back soon."


In the picture, the once adorable toddler is much grown and even more handsome as he posed fully outfitted for a martial arts class. 

The uniform looked like it may have been a tad bit too big for Dallas, but that only added to the sweetness of the post. As if seeing him all grown isn't already enough, Dallas' smile showed that he was missing most of the front row of his teeth! 


There really couldn't be anything sweeter than the post, and Fantasia's fans think so too. Only a few weeks old, the picture has garnered well over 47k likes as well as hundreds of compliments from her followers. 

Completely taken with little Dallas, one fan, @pairryn, directed a compliment to Fantasia:

"Fantasia, ur son is a blessed young man. He is really cute with the biggest smile ever. Dallas get some belts."


"Awww, he's so handsome keep up the good work."

It is not the first time Fantasia will post Dallas' photo. It can, however, be considered a distinctive appearance because the singer is much more reserved when it comes to her little son. 


This may be related to the rather controversial story of her relationship with Dallas' father, who was married at the time of their relationship and is currently still married. 

Now happily married to the Chief Operating Officer of Metro Transportation, LLC., Kendall Taylor, Fantasia is grateful she could maintain a cordial relationship with her baby daddy and his wife despite their messy history.

Fantasia Barrino and her husband Kendall Taylor arrive at Q85: A Musical Celebration for Quincy Jones on September 25, 2018 | Photo: Getty Images

Much like she said when announcing his birth back in 2011, Fantasia feels "very blessed" to have Dallas, as is evident in her recent post about him.