Meet Tupac’s Half-Sister Sekyiwa Shakur Who Is Now 44 Years Old

Fans of the late hip hop artist Tupac Shakur are no strangers to hearing the name "Set" play out on most of his records, but not many are aware of the real identity of the rapper's half-sister, who chose to maintain a low profile.

Sekyiwa Shakur, who is fondly called "Set" by close family and friends, is the half-sister of the legendary rap artist and "Thug Life" promoter, Tupac Shakur.

Rap artist Tupac Shakur | Photo: Getty Images

Rap artist Tupac Shakur | Photo: Getty Images

Tupac and his sister grew up together in a loving relationship that promoted the strong family bond between them. Unlike her brother, Set chose a life away from the spotlights, and have keyed into the peace and quiet of such a decision until recent times. She granted an interview with AllHipHop and let out a lot about herself.


Not much is known about Shekyiwa Shakur's biography as a result of her low key lifestyle. Tupac's sister was given birth to on October 3, 1975, two years after the rapper's delivery. She shared the same mother as Tupac, Afeni Shakur, while her dad was Tupac's stepfather, Mutulu Shakur. 

Together, the siblings grew up in Harlem, New York, raised by their mother, Afeni. In addition to Pac, she also has another half brother, Mopreme Shakur, who was born to her dad and is stepbrother to the iconic rapper.

During her last years as a teenager, the 44-year-old conceived and bore her first child, Malik, and later on, gave birth to her daughter, Nzingha, from her relationship with EDI, from Tupac's '90s group, The Outlawz.

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Despite being a sister to a media sensation, the 44-year-old kept her life private and spent most of it hiding her last name to prevent any linkage. To explain her low profile, she once revealed:

"I kind of like my privacy. Because, as seen with my brother, his real name was his stage name, he couldn't escape into a private world. I didn't want my identity out there."

However, her low profile did not prevent her from making little television appearances in the past, like in Killa Tay's song, "Coast Trippin" from his Snake Eyez album. 

Currently, the celebrity sister has her clothing line, Madamevelli, which she launched shortly after her famous brother's demise. She is also the president of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation, which was founded by Afeni in 1997, and has been overseen by the 44-year-old since her mom's death in 2016.

Set Shakur during Relaunch of Hosted by Jermaine Dupree at The New Space in New York City | Photo: Getty Images

Set Shakur during Relaunch of Hosted by Jermaine Dupree at The New Space in New York City | Photo: Getty Images


Tupac was born in 1971, to parents, Afeni and Billy Garland. Born initially as Lesane Parish Crooks, his mom renamed him Tupac Amaru II, at age one, in honor of an 18th-century Peruvian revolutionary. 

True to his name, the legend lived his short 25 years on earth as an active revolutionary. Just like most of his family members who were members of the revolutionary group, Black Panther, the rap legend also did his bit of activism.

Tupac made a stance majorly through his songs, as well as his "Thug Life" campaign, which was directed towards bringing an end to violence. At twenty-five, he sustained four gunshot wounds and died six days later at the hospital.


Although Set and EDI co-parented their kids, the two got separated years ago. Sekyiwa got married in 2003, to her husband, Gregory Jackson, and the two have no kids between them. 


Aside from her relationship with EDI and Gregory Jackson, Sekyiwa Shakur has been linked to rapper, Ray Luv, in a relationship that first hit the media in 2016. 

The two have known each other since childhood, as the American Bay Area rapper was Tupac's friend and former member of "Strictly dope." It was revealed that the rapper once shared a love message to the TASF president on Facebook, where he acknowledged her to be the love of his life.


Tupac's half-sister has an impressive online presence, with Set Shakur as her social media identity. Sekyiwa Shakur's Instagram boasts of almost twelve thousand followers and a profile that tags her the president/CEO of TASF. An avenue to identify with her late brother's legacy.


Sekyiwa has four other siblings, aside from her brother, Tupac. The four additional Shakurs are her half-siblings who share her dad, Mutulu Shakur, an activist who was jailed when Set was only five. 

The most famous of the siblings is Mopreme Shakur, who goes by the stage name, Komani, and featured in most of the legendary rapper's records as a member of the Outlawz. 

Also, Komani co-founded the group, "Thug Life," alongside his late stepbrother. Today, he is famous for being a film producer, writer, and composer.

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The Shakurs is one great family, and luckily they have a committed sister, who is bold and courageous enough to uphold the family's legacy and be on the front lines of their revolutionary journey, without the media influence.

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