Facts about 32-Year-Old Fitness Model Sumeet Sahni and Her Journey to Fame

Sumeet Sahni is a fitness model, training and dieting coach, and passionate traveler that became Instagram-famous thanks to her amazing transformation. She went from looking lean and ripped to a more curvaceous—but still fitness figure.

Sumeet Sahni has been working on her ideal figure for years, and although she says she hasn’t reached her goal yet, Sahni has become an inspiration for women across the globe that wish to have a body like hers.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sumeet Sahni's before and after transformation, her workouts, and the project that has helped her change the lives of many other women in the past three years.


Sumeet Sahni was born on December 18, 1987, in California. Her parents are Indian, and she's part of the first-generation Americans of her family. She's 31-year-old.

Sumeet's height is 5 ft. 3.75 in.

Growing up, Sahni’s parents never emphasized the importance of physical exercise or sports in general. Instead, they pushed her to get good grades and develop her intellectuality.

However, at 13, she visited a local gym and fell in love with all the equipment and endless possibilities. She started lifting weights and learning about nutrition, but after graduating high school and getting into college, all of her initial efforts were forgotten.

With the stress of university came a lack of sleep, piles of junk food, alcohol, and parties. And even though Sahni was pursuing a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science, she probably visited the gym around one time every two months.


After graduating, Sahni traveled to South Korea for work, and there, her then-boyfriend, and now husband signed up for a bodybuilding competition. She was intrigued, but her lifestyle abroad was the same—or even worse—than back home.

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Sumeet wrote on her website:

“I remember hitting rock bottom one afternoon when I woke up hungover at 3 pm with an empty box of fried chicken on my left side and an empty jar of Nutella on my right side. I was grossed out by who I had become and the amount of disrespect I had for my health and body.”

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Anything is possible 🌟 . 103 lbs to 140 lbs from 2011 to 2017 . I remember always wanting to be curvier (have a nicer lower body), but I had NO idea what to do in the gym or what exactly I should be eating in order to gain mass in the areas I wanted. I would go to the gym and be confused 🤔 high reps or low reps? Cardio or no cardio? . And I was even more confused when it came to food 🍴 How much protein did I need in a day? What about carbs? Are they bad?? It was all SOOOO complicated and I felt lost 😩 . It wasn't until I started working with coaches, doing A LOT of research 🤓📚 and experimenting 🔬 on myself that I started to gain muscle and get closer to the look I wanted. . Moral of the story- you CAN transform yourself 🎉 Be patient, work hard, and begin working with a coach so you know exactly what you need to be doing in the gym and in the kitchen 💪🏽 . 📧 Email me at sumeetfit@gmail.com or click the link in bio and let's get fit together 👭 . Happy Transformation Tuesday!!!!!

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That was the push she needed to make a change in her life, and soon after started researching about female bodybuilding competitions, signed up, hired an online coach, and then started to compete.

She went from being skinny and soft to having a lean, toned, and muscled body and even reached the national level on the competition.


Right after moving back home to San Francisco, Sahni decided to start working to help others transform their body, and in that process, she realized that her idea of “fitness” was narrow-minded.

“I used to think that being ‘fit’ only meant having a 6 pack, 0% body fat, and being a size XS, but over the years, I’ve realized that it is much more fluid than that!” she wrote recently on her Instagram.

And continued: “You can absolutely have curves (& fat in all the right places), not give af about your body fat, and be on the verge of ripping your M sized leggings while squatting, and still look & feel fit.”

Sahni went from focusing on gaining muscles to concentrate on gaining lean mass and curves, with her focus being on a tiny waist and a big butt.


In 2014, Sahni started working online as a coach and trainer with her SumeetFit page, reaching people all over the world that, like her, wanted to transform their bodies.

She has worked with over 700 people with backgrounds of all kinds. From working moms trying to recover their figure, to college students with barely any time to exercise, to fit women trying to gain curves.

Sumeet Sahni’s Instagram page is filled with the before and after pics of many of her clients, and she makes sure to share their stories and reactions to their transformation while encouraging others to follow the example.


According to her website, Sahni is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Certified Personal Trainer, and has other certifications in Kettle Bell, TRX Suspension, CPR, and also as a TRX Rip Trainer.

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