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Meet 'Moesha' Cast More Than 20 Years after the First Episode Premiered

Pedro Marrero
Dec 12, 2019
05:30 P.M.
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It was a sitcom revolving around a teenage girl and her immediate circle, but it didn’t shy away from exploring critical issues of our times. This, in addition to a great cast, made the show a classic. This is what became of its stars.


“Moesha” premiered in 1996 and went on for six seasons before its cancellation in 2001, and the actors and actresses that brought its complex and fun characters to live during its run have moved on lead interesting and prolific careers.


Now, almost 20 years since the series came to an end, fans are turning their attention toward the members of is cast, after the show’s main star announced that “Moesha” is coming back with a reboot season.

So what better moment to revisit what these performers have been doing since they left their roles in the series behind?


The 40-year-old actress played Moesha Denise Mitchell, the series focus character, a teenager from an upper-middle-class African-American family that faces the challenges of coming of age.

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While Norwood’s main career has been in music, like a singer that has released several albums since debuting in 1994, she has always doubled as an actress, and “Moesha” really put her on the map in the TV and film industry. She went on to land roles in “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” (2002), “Reba” (2002), “One on One” (2006), “90210” (2011) “Drop Dead Diva” (2011-2012), “The Game” (2012-2015), “Zoe Ever After” (2016) and “Star” (2018-2019).


The 65-year-old actor played Franklin “Frank” Mitchell, Moesha’s father. He is a car dealer who lost his wife, with whom he shared two children, and went on to marry his children’s high school principal.


William Allen Young I Image: Getty Images

After the series ended, Young was cast as regular in “Any Day Now” (2001-2002), “CSI: Miami” (2004-2006), “CSI” (2005-2007), “The Game” (2013), “Good Luck Charlie” (2011-20149 “Code Black” (2015-2018) “General Hospital” (2014-2019).


He has also guest-starred in “Commander in Chief” (2006) “Saving Grace” (2007) “The Mentalist” (2008), “NCIS” (2009), “Castle” (2010) and more recently “This Is Us” (2019) and in 2009 he had a prominent role in the Sci-Fi film “District 9.”


The 62-year-old actress played Deirdre “Dee “ Mitchell, Moesha’s high school principal who also becomes her stepmother when she marries Frank, to Moesha’s discomfort.

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Following the series, Ralph did a lot of voice acting for different animated characters in “Justice League” “The Proud Family” (2002), “Static Shock” (2002-2003), “Justice League Unlimited,” and more recently “Young Justice” (2011-2019).

Apart from playing supportive roles in some films and TV movies, she has regularly starred in series like “Barbershop” (2005), “One Love” (2014), “Instant Mom” (2013-2015), “One Mississippi” (2017), and “Ray Donovan” (2013-2019).


The 41-year-old actor played Kimberly “Kim” Parker, Moesha’s best friend from high school who is obsessed with boys.


Countess Vaugh I Image: Getty Images

Since leaving the series, Vaughn starred in the spinoff “The Parkers” teaming up with singer Mo’Nique, who played her mother for the 5 seasons that the show lasted. Then she appeared in a number of TV movies in 2006.


In 2014, she was cast in “According to Him + Her,” and her last role in a film to date was in “The White Sistas” (2017).


The 33-year-old actor played Miles Mitchell, Moesha’s younger brother, who has fun pulling pranks on his older sister at the beginning of the series.

Marcus T. Paullk I Image: Getty Images


Paulk has continued landing roles in series and movies since his work in “Moesha,” and like Ralph, he did voice work in “The Proud Family” (2001-2004).

He acted in “Take the Lead” (2006), “Extreme Movie” (2008), “The Rig” (2010), “Red Tails” (2012), “Sister Code” (2015), “90 Minutes of the Fever” (2016).


The 43-year-old actress played Denise “Niecy” Jackson, another of Moesha’s best friends who becomes her roommate when the latter leaves home on Season 5.

Shar Jackson I Image: Getty Images


Jackson continued to be an actress and from 2008 she mostly played supportive roles in the big screen, starting with “Toxic,” followed by “The House That Jack Built” (2009), “Steppin: The Movie” (2009), and more recently “Take a Stan” (2019).


The 48-year-old actor played Quinton “Q” Brooks, a New York City rapper that goes as far into a relationship with Moesha as proposing her to marry him, which she accepts, only to call the engagement off later when he disappoints her.

Fredro Starr I Image: Getty Images


Starr has continued making regular appearances in both film and TV, with roles in “NYPD Blue” (1998-2002), “The Wire” (2002-2003), “Darling Nikki: The Movie” (2008), “My Brother” (2006) Vegas Vampires” (2007)  “The Next Hit” (2008), “ A Day in the Life” (2009) and “CSI: NY” (2009).

Since 1988, Starr has been part of the pioneering hip hop group from New York City “Onyx,” which latest album “SnowMads,” a collaboration with Snowgoons, a German underground hip hop band, was released in November 2019.