Denny’s Las Vegas Employees Spotted Helping Disabled Customer and the Photos Went Viral

Two Denny’s employees from the Las Vegas Strip became a viral sensation when they were pictured doing what any Good Samaritan should do.

The staff members were photographed while assisting a man named Steve Cresap who lives with cerebral palsy. The customer is a frequent patron of the Denny's restaurant on Boulevard across from the Mirage Hotel and Resort.

A woman named ‎Cady Danell Anderson‎ took to social media to explain why she’d shared the images.

Denny's logo | Photo: Flickr/Mr. Blue MauMau

Denny's logo | Photo: Flickr/Mr. Blue MauMau


She wrote to “Fox5 Las Vegas” on Facebook revealing:

“As my fiancé Scott @mowinman13 & I wrap up our bachelorette/bachelor weekend with one last night in sin city, we stumble upon these amazing humans. The server(Blanca) and manager(Dennis) clearly had served this gentleman before, his name is Steve.”

Anderson continued:

“He is unable to feed himself and speak. They took the time to communicate with him thru a word board. My heart burst open with happiness as I watched. And then tears of joy came down my face as I watched her feed him in between still providing excellent service to us & other customers. They shared conversation and laughter.”


The woman also shared her amazement of the “selflessness and compassion” that the two employees showed Cresap. She went on to commend the two and vouch for them to receive “applause and a special place in heaven.”

Anderson then tagged a number of news sites and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in hopes that the story would be picked up. The waitress, Blanca Paredes, explained why she willingly assisted the disabled man.

Denny's restaurant | Photo: Flickr/Mike Mozart

Denny's restaurant | Photo: Flickr/Mike Mozart


Speaking about her actions she stated: "When you think about it—it’s something that shouldn’t be honored.” She encouraged others to do similar feats of kindness just because they could.

The humanity shown by Paredes appears to be something that is a common trend at the Denny’s. The waitress revealed that different staff members always took turns helping Cresap by “taking his order,” “cutting his food,” and “checking [up] on him.”

Denny's | Photo: Flickr/Mike Mozart

Denny's | Photo: Flickr/Mike Mozart


Paredes was surprised by the coverage of the story by “Fox5 Las Vegas.” She didn’t expect to be a viral sensation and didn’t even notice when Anderson took photos.

The disabled customer uses a board to point at words and communicate. The Denny’s manager, Dennis Glorio, described him as a “normal guy, a regular guy” that “Everyone became enamored with him."


The news network was able to speak to Cresap. He communicated by pointing at words and typing via social media messenger.

The customer explained that Paredes wasn’t the only waitress who’d assisted him before. All he wanted was for people to see him as “just a normal guy.”

The waitress confirmed his sentiments adding: "Steve loves it when you treat him like a normal person.” Anderson also shared her story of kindness on her own account. She even included the location of the restaurant.


Another heartwarming story that went viral was posted by Jessica Nash Donnahoo of South Carolina. She also took to Facebook to share her story.

The image she shared showed a Spectrum Internet employee named Robert Kinney holding and comforting her three-year-old son, Sailor. The toddler was born with two rare brain defects and is blind.


In her post, Donnahoo explained how Kinney had come to their home to upgrade the internet and set up television streaming. Sailor’s condition renders him “unable to communicate his needs.”

On that fateful day, the little toddler was crying the whole day and his mother’s efforts to soothe him weren’t working. However, when Kinney arrived, the little boy ran up to him and “reached up.”


Throughout his 45 minute visit to the home, the technician held the boy on and off. Kinney’s help allowed Donnahoo to tend to her younger daughter and do house chores easily.

At the end of her post, the joyful parent commended the technician for “his kindness” and called for him to get a “raise” or “a promotion.”

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