Al Roker from 'Today' Show Got into Lighthearted Twitter Spat with the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Comfort Omovre
Dec 10, 2019
07:00 P.M.
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"Today" show star Al Rocker gets into a hilarious tweet fight with the Rockefeller Christmas Tree parody account on Twitter.


It's Christmas season yet again, and in the usual tradition, the Rockefeller tree is lit up for the season. The lighting up of the tree is a special event in itself witnessed by hundreds. This year, the lighting up event took place on December 4 to cheers from onlookers. 

Al Roker visits the SiriusXM Studios on October 29, 2019 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images


While this memorable event was going on, "Today" show star Al Roker was busy throwing slingshots at a parody account. The parody account for the Rockefeller Tree was created in 2009 and tweets out sarcasm and puns to its over nine thousand followers. 

The @30Rocktree account took the first shot when it joked about paying a stick of butter to annoy the show's co-host during his Macy's Thanksgiving Parade broadcast. The show host caught in the joke and replied:

"I'm coming for you, thank you very mulch."

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree at the 2018 Christmas in Rockefeller Center | Photo: Getty Images


The 30 Rock Tree account mocked Rokers' attempt at a comeback and replied

"Your dad jokes could use some sprucing up."

The "Today" show star armored up and had his comeback when the 30 Tree account tweeted about how mean employees are to potted plants. Roker wrote in response to the tweet,

"That's because they work at the branch office." 


Rocker didn't end it there; he threw a fatal final shot and wrote,

"Speaking of which, if anybody knows what it's like to be "potted" at the end of a big celebration, it's you."

The show co-host took the olive branch and buried the hatchet when he congratulated the parody account after the tree got lit. 


The Rockefeller Christmas Tree was first put on the ground by construction workers in 1931. The 77 feet edifice didn't become a Christmas Tree Center until two years after it was set up. The tree comes up every Christmas season standing tall in led lights and a Swarovski crystal star atop it. 

This year, the species of tree used is the Norway spruce. The choice of this species is due to its characteristics straight trunk and its ability to withstand wind. 

The atmosphere at the 86th Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center on November 28, 2018 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree Center welcomes thousands of visitors every Christmas season. This year, visitors will be allowed to visit the tree in Midtown Manhattan from 6 a.m. ET to midnight daily until January 17, 2020. 

For the 13th year running, the Rockefeller Christmas tree will be turned into lumber and used to build Habitat homes across the United States.