December 10, 2019

Man Who Admitted He Regrets Having Kids Sparks Debate

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A Reddit user shared his predicament as regards marriage and childbirth, and this had a lot of Reddit users fuming.

A 42-year-old Reddit user shared his experience on marriage and stated that he wished he had not gotten married. The man said that despite loving his wife and kids, he wished that he had made entirely different decisions after finishing Grad school at the age of 24.

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He stated on Reddit that he regrets having children and would give anything to have a redo. He was seeking the opinions of those on the platform as regards his current state of mind. He also wanted to know if he was a bad person by saying that he doesn't want kids.

Some responses were quite discouraging, with some people misunderstanding his line of thought. While others who knew what parenting was like backed him up. 

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The man explained that he was furious at his wife for her insensitivity to the matter as she went on to tell the children that he does not want them in his life, an assertion he says is false and has nothing to do with the matter at hand. 

He further explained that having a child with ADHD and ODD makes the situation all the more difficult to handle, and he hated the pressure he was facing.

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In the comment section, readers shared their opinions and thoughts on the issue. Some users were sympathetic and could relate to the subject he was facing while some outrightly bashed him and called him ungrateful. 

Another user on the Reddit platform shared a similar experience. This user regretted having a third child and was seeking the opinions of others as to whether she was wrong or right to feel that way.

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The user stated that having given birth to her third child who had developmental issues, she was beginning to feel tired and have regrets over the child.

Reddit read users commented and gave their opinions on how best she could get help for the child and herself. Some users stated that the best thing for her was to take care of herself first, before taking care of the child.

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It was opined that when the mother has her head in the right frame, she would feel a lot better about taking care of the child.