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December 17, 2019

Vanna White Opens up about Her Temporary Hosting Duties on 'Wheel of Fortune' and How She Feels Equal to Pat Sajak

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"Wheel of fortune" star Vanna White discussed her temporary hosting duties on the syndicated game show and she revealed that she feels equal to Pat Sajak.

Vanna White has held the mantle of hostess for thirty-seven years on the "Wheel Of Fortune" game show since she joined the crew in the fall of 1982.

Vanna White attends The Paley Center For Media Presents: Wheel Of Fortune: 35 Years As America's Game at The Paley Center for Media | Photo: Getty Images


The 62-year old model took the job of turning letters at the game show and owned the role better than her predecessors. White joined co-host Pat Sajak who had taken the position as the primary host a year before. 

The duo teamed up to host the show with Pat Sajak taking the spot next to the wheel and White at the board turning letters.

The roles were, however, switched when Sajak had to take a compulsory break from hosting, following an emergency surgery over blocked intestines. 


White dumped her heels and stepped into Sajak's shoes, filming five airings while he was away. The TV personality shared her experience of being the sole host of the show in an interview with Esquire.

The show's co-host revealed that she was nervous at taking the position next to the wheel but figured that it was in the show's best interest that she stepped in.

White acknowledged her different approach to hosting the show when she complimented on a contestant's shoes. She said:

"There are differences between personalities. What I find interesting Pat might not."


Vanna White attends the official naming ceremony for the new cruise ship Carnival Panorama at Long Beach Terminal in Long Beach, California | Photo: Getty Images

Although White enjoyed her stint as the show's host, the model has no plans of taking her partner's job as she loves her role as the letter turner.


White told the publication that she doesn't feel less than Sajak because she feels her duty at the board is as essential. The long-time letter turner referred to the crew members of the syndicated game show as equals.

White went on to joke about her job being more robust despite being equals with the show's co-host. The model credited the difficulty of her position to walking a mile in her heels.

Vanna White and Pat Sajak attend The Paley Center For Media Presents: Wheel Of Fortune: 35 Years As America's Game at The Paley Center for Media | Photo: Getty Images


"That's true! My position is much more, what's the word? I work a lot harder. I’ve walked thousands of miles. And he didn’t have to do that. In my heels, no less."

The letter turner told the outlet that things were back to normal as her co-host is back to his spot and started filming for new episodes of the show.

The model who holds the world record for most frequent claps in the world is much more than just a long-time letter turner. White is a crochet enthusiast; she learned to knit at the age of five from her grandmother.

Over time she lost interest and relearned the craft from her pregnant hairdresser while on the "Wheel Of Fortune" set. The avid crochet maker took her love for the craft a step further by partnering with Lion's brand to debut her line of yarn called "Vanna's choice."

Whites' love for needles and threads is evident as she has 43 publications dedicated to art.