Woman Who Put up 2nd Child for Adoption so She Could Remain with Older One Sparks Heated Debate

Comfort Omovre
Dec 26, 2019
09:00 P.M.
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A woman who gave up her disabled child for adoption to give her first child a normal childhood rattles up a discussion on Reddit. 


A Reddit user took to the platform to share her dilemma with other users on the AITA platform. She started by explaining that she conceived her second child one year after she birthed her first.

Newborn baby sleeping peacefully. | Source: Pixabay


The writer and her husband were not on an excellent financial stand, so welcoming another child was a stretch on their finances.

While in the term, necessary tests were carried out, and the unborn child was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome. The couple decided to put up the child for adoption after weighing their options.

A pregnant woman places hand on her baby bump. | Source: Pexels


The woman and her husband destroyed shreds of evidence of her pregnancy and took precautions against conceiving again to protect the interest of their first child. 

Years after, the writer opened up to an intimate friend on the actual situation of things. The friend, contrary to the woman's opinion, thinks that the elder child will grow up to hate them for their hasty decisions.

A man and a pregnant woman look at each other lovingly. | Source: PixaBay


Reddit users came out in their numbers to give their thoughts on the post. One user felt that the matter was beyond the Reddit platform and should be directed to a priest or a therapist.

Another user noted that the writer made a responsible decision in letting the child go to a place where the kid will thrive. A third user trashed the writer for her attitude towards people living with disabilities.

A man places a hand on a pregnant woman's baby bump. | Source: PixaBay


Another woman who let go of her child 15 years ago isn't interested in having him back in her life. The woman explained that his new parents contacted her on Facebook about a meeting with her now teenage son.

The woman sent the parents an updated list of her medical records and asked not to be contacted except on medical grounds.

A man caresses his pregnant wife's baby bump. | Source: Pexels


Users on the platform were on the same page with the woman. They agreed that she wasn't under any obligation to see the teenager since the adoption contract was a closed one.

Another man, in a relationship with a single mom of a four-year-old, took to the platform to share a discussion he had with his girlfriend.

Mother and father with their little boy | Photo: Getty Images


The man, while talking with his girlfriend about death, mentioned to her that he would give her daughter to foster care if she dies. The writer's girlfriend, surprised at his pronouncement, left in anger and went to spend the night with her daughter.

Reddit users didn't take it likely with the poster as they roasted the writer for his statement. Users advised the writer to prioritize his girlfriend's child if he is committed to the relationship.