Melissa Sue Anderson Who Played Mary Ingalls in 'Little House on The Prairie' Is 57 Now and Looks Different

The little charmer, Mary Ingalls from the '70s movie, "Little House On The Praire" played by actress, Sue Anderson has come a long way since her eight-year run on the favorite family series.

After winning hearts for eight years on the series, "Little House On The Praire," Sue Anderson made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, which stuck in the hearts of viewers.

Nearly four decades later, the entertainment icon is all grown up, with a family of her own, as the once 11-year-old charmer is now a 57-year-old mother of two.

 Melissa Sue Anderson appears on NBC News' "Today" show on May 3rd, 2010 | Photo: Getty Images

Melissa Sue Anderson appears on NBC News' "Today" show on May 3rd, 2010 | Photo: Getty Images


The mother of two has kept fans adrift of Mary Ingalls' whereabouts through her active social media profile.

In one of her posts on Twitter, the actress shared pictures from her daughter's wedding featuring herself and daughter, Piper, posing together as they smiled for the camera.

The golden-haired beauty looked amazing in the pic, hardly recognizable but for her tell-tale signature blond hair, blue eyes and charming smile, which facilitated her success in show biz.


Melissa Anderson Sue landed Mary's character role play on the series when she was eleven, following a casting audition in 1974. 

She featured as the first daughter of the Ingalls, a midwestern farming family on the outskirts of Walnut Groove, Minnesota.

Her character got blind during the 4th season, prompting the icon to play blind for the remaining seasons. This limiting role led to the eventual exit of the star from the show in its 7th season, returning only for three guest appearances on season eight.


The actress went on to star in movies like "Happy Birthday To Me," "The Equalizer," and "Murder She Wrote." Her career progressed successfully before her move to Canada with her family in 2002 and later retirement in 2007.

Following her appearance on the 2016 film, "The Brits Are Coming," the star spoke on her on and off disappearance from the spotlights saying:

"I'm retired, except to act when friends who are producers or directors ask me."

Melissa Sue Anderson as Mary Ingalls Kendall on "Little House on the Prairie"

Melissa Sue Anderson as Mary Ingalls Kendall on "Little House on the Prairie"


Besides acting, Sue also started a family, getting married to producer and writer, Michael Sloan, in 1990. Together, they have two children, Piper and Griffin.

The '70s series was an adaptation of Laura Ingall's Wilder novels and became a hit on NBC from 1974 to 1983.

It captured the lives of a family of five as they went about their affairs while trying to survive on a Minnesota Farm.

The cast comprised the family patriarch, Charles Ingall, played by the late Michael Landen, his wife Caroline (Karen Grassle), and their three daughters, Mary, Laura(the narrator), and Carrie. 

Laura and Carrie's characters were played by Melissa Gilbert and Lindsay Greenbush, respectively. The Charles Ingall role player died of Pancreatic cancer in 1991, at 54.

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