Daily Joke: Three Men Decide to Enter a Christmas Raffle and Each Wins a Prize

Today’s #jokeoftheday is about three men that entered the Christmas raffled document as a way to celebrate the festivities.

Many Christmas observers have taken to doing things for the charity and the less privileged.

Christmas Tree with Gifts. | Photo: Pixabay

Christmas Tree with Gifts. | Photo: Pixabay

So, it was no surprise when the bar that Tom, Sam, and Harry hung out at decided to do the same. The bar had chosen to engage in a raffle draw that would benefit both the less privileged and their helpers.

On this evening, after a few drinks, Tom, Sam, and Harry decided to bite the bullet and they got into the charity raffle draw.

Three Men. | Photo: Pixabay

Three Men. | Photo: Pixabay

Each person bought five tickets – to either increase their chances of winning or to help the charity out. Anyway, the raffle was drawn a few days later, they each won a prize.

While Tom won the first prize, which was a year’s supply of gourmet spaghetti sauce, Sam was the winner of the second prize - a six month supply of gourmet spaghetti.

Harry, on the other hand, won the sixth prize, which was a toilet brush.

A picture of a toilet brush  hanging on the wall in the toilet. | Photo: Pixabay

A picture of a toilet brush hanging on the wall in the toilet. | Photo: Pixabay

All parties appeared excited about their gifts, and after they claimed them, they agreed to reunite at the bar a few weeks later.

When the trio met on the appointed day, Harry, who was the curious cat of the clan, asked the others how they were enjoying their prizes.

The first to respond was Tom, who said:

“Great. I love spaghetti.”

Spaghetti. | Photo: Pixabay

Spaghetti. | Photo: Pixabay

Next to respond was Sam, who exclaimed that he was also enjoying his six month supply of spaghetti.

Being the kind one who showed interest in people’s lives, Sam asked Harry:

“And how’s the toilet brush, Harry?”

A man making a funny face. | Photo: Pixabay

A man making a funny face. | Photo: Pixabay

With a groan in his voice, a visibly agitated Harry replied:

“Not so good. I reckon I’ll go back to toilet paper.”

We wonder what Harry has been using the brush for!
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