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December 28, 2019

Kenya Moore from RHOA Tries to Ruin Mike Hill's Surprise during His Proposal to Cynthia Bailey

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The December 22 episode of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" turned out to be all about Cynthia Bailey after Mike Hill finally proposed to her. But Kenya Moore's antics could have ruined that moment.

Mike Hill's proposal to Cynthia Bailey was a lovely sight to behold, as he got down on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him, right in front of all of her family and friends. 

Before that, however, a sloppy Kenya Moore could have messed up the surprise for both Mike and Cynthia, following her arrival at the opening of Cynthia's new wine establishment, which was also where Mike proposed.

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill attends Ebony Magazine's Ebony's Power 100 Gala on November 30, 2018 | Photo: Getty Images


Mike had hinted Kandi of his proposal, telling her to "stick around." Kandi, thinking that Mike could have a proposal up his sleeves, texted Kenya, asking her to hurry, so that she wouldn't miss the surprise. 

Kenya then showed up, and instead of playing along, went ahead to approach Kandi and Cynthia, and announced to Cynthia that Mike might propose. After asking Cynthia if Mike's whole family was around, Kenya said:

"I'm telling you I feel like he might propose tonight."


A shocked Cynthia then told Kenya that she didn't think Mike was going to propose that night, but Kenya remained adamant, saying she had butterflies in her stomach. 

Cynthia then greeted someone else, leaving Kandi and Kenya. Kandi began to scold Kenya, asking her why she brought up what they had discussed privately. 

Marlo then presented Cynthia with a congratulatory note from Nene, bringing tears to Cynthia's eyes. 


During her confessional, Kandi narrated the happenings of the proposal night and wondered why Kenya behaved the way she did.

"I give Kenya a little text: ‘I think he’s going to pop the question.’ Then all of a sudden she just blurts it out. Like, why? Why would you do that? [expletive]"


Despite Kenya's efforts to ruin the proposal, it still went on successfully, and fans of the couple loved the way Mike did it. So sweet!

The December 22 episode also saw Cynthia asking Marlo if it was her who had recorded when she talked badly about Nene. Marlo replied that she wasn't the one. 

Later during Cynthia's "The Bailey Wine Cellar" opening, Marlo then presented Cynthia with a congratulatory note from Nene Leakes, bringing tears to Cynthia's eyes. 

The episode also showed arguments between Marc Daly and Kenya, during a triple date with Kandi, Cynthia, and their partners. It mirrored just how bad things were between Kenya and Marc before their split.