December 27, 2019

Daily Joke: Little Boy Goes with His Dad to See a Litter of Kittens

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 A little boy, after an outing with his father, excitedly informs his mother about his newfound information.

A father and his toddler son enjoyed a trip to see a litter of kittens. After the visit, the young child overjoyed, and in an attempt to unleash his newest discovery to his mom, told her he could make out the sex of the kittens. 

He stated that there was a pair of female kittens and a pair of male kittens. His curious mother asked him how He was able to make out their genders.

Little boy watching cats and kittens through a glass door in a house of Istanbul, Turkey. | Photo: Getty Images


The boy simply responded : 

"Daddy picked them up and looked underneath. I think it was printed on the bottom." 

Cat jokes are worth the humor, and while the genders of cats are yet to be confirmed by the little boy, there are other short question and answer jokes that will bring a hearty laugh, and tears to the eyes at the same time.

A young boy seen placing his hands on a Maine Coon cat at the exhibition of breed cats in the shopping centre | Photo: Getty Images


Here are a few:

Q: When a cat emerges victorious at a dog show, what is it called?


Q: Why do cats detest online shopping?

A: Because they subscribe to CAT-Logue.

A cat pictured standing on Downing street, London, England | Photo: Getty Images


Q: Any ideas on what to call a pile of kittens?


Sometimes, a cat joke can include a bird! Here's one about a bereaved bird owner who dug a big hole to bury the creature. A curious neighbour saw the bird owner digging, so he decided to ask him why. He said:

"What's this hole for?"

The grey parrot Rocco converses with his owner Kerstin Frommke at their home in Leegebruch, Germany | Photo: Getty Images


The hole digger responded by telling him he needed to bury his dead parakeet. This didn't stop more questions from coming in. His neighbour hinted that the hole was too large for a small bird.

The bird owner blurted out:

"It's because my "little bird" is in the belly of your "big cat."

People look at a cat during the Drug Dlya Druga rehoming event in Bauman Garden Photo: Getty Images

Don't try to take it easy with the laughs!!

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