Woman Roasted for Taking Family Photos without Her Stepdaughter on Christmas

Afouda Fortune
Dec 27, 2019
03:30 P.M.
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A woman got dragged after she excluded her stepdaughter from a few photos that her family posed for on Christmas morning.


Over the years, Christmas time has become known as a time that families spend much-needed time with one another.

A blurred photo of a family at their Christmas tree. | Photo: Pexels


Things weren't any different in this woman's home, who had her two daughters – one was nine-years-old and the other five-years-old – and her husband's 12-year-old daughter from his previous marriage, and of course, her husband.

For Christmas, the blended family of five decided to open gifts and pose for pictures – a plan which they followed to the letter.

During the photo session, the woman posed for a few photos with her husband, their children, and her stepdaughter. Next, she posed for several other pictures with her husband, and their two children.

A portrait of an Asian family outdoor. | Photo: Pixabay


Soon after the picture session was over, as she wandered through the house, the woman found her stepdaughter crying in her room.

When the woman asked her stepdaughter what could have happened that caused her to bawl her eyes out, the 12-year-old made a shocking revelation. The almost teenager disclosed that her feelings got hurt that she was excluded her from some of the family photos.

A child feeling sad. | Photo: Pixabay


The conversation became even weirder when the 12-year-old added that she noticed that her half-siblings received better and more Christmas gifts than she did.

Next, the woman asked her stepdaughter if she had received any gifts from her biological mother, and that question brought even more tears to her stepdaughter's eyes.

Eventually, she replied that her biological mother hadn't sent her any presents to acknowledge the festive season.

A woman and her daughters. | Photo: Pixabay


The little girl's response led the woman to explain that her children had gotten more gifts because they were younger.

She also told the girl that she wasn't favoring her children over her. Despite her stepmother's explanation, the 12-year-old became even more upset and started a screaming fit. During the fit, the stepdaughter made it known that she didn't want to be part of the woman's family more.

Christmas Decorations. | Photo: Pixabay


Her stepdaughter's reaction not only confused the woman but also caused her to wonder if she had done anything wrong with her actions towards the 12-year-old.

Many of the other Redditors didn't fail to drag the woman for being unfair to the little girl and blamed her for playing favoritism.

A screenshot of a user's comment on Reddit. | Photo: Reddit

Another similar case was that of a grandmother who told her daughter that her foster child isn't really her grandchild, and so didn't want to include her in the family Christmas card.

Although she cited legal reasons as for her choice to exclude the child, many internet users weren't buying it and slammed her for being wicked.