December 28, 2019

Daily Joke: A Priest Gets Pulled over on a Highway for Speeding

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A priest gets in trouble with the law for speeding on the highway, and when he’s pulled over, he relies on his faith to be spared. But not exactly in a holy way.

There are biblical miracles that some people wish they could pull off, like the pastor from our daily joke.

A pastor was driving home on the highway when he was pulled over by a patrol for speeding. Once he stopped the car, a police officer approached and, after asking for his papers, the officer notices something odd.

Police car with lights on | Photo: Shutterstock


He can smell alcohol on the priest’s breath, so he asks:

“Father, have you been drinking?”

Bewildered and a bit offended by the question, the pastor replies: “only water.”

Church pastor looks shocked | Photo: Shutterstock


The policeman then notices an empty bottle of wine on the empty seat next to the pastor and asks: “Then why do I smell wine?” while pointing at the empty bottle.

As the pastor follows the officer’s gaze, he lets out a gasp and exclaims:

“Good Lord! He’s done it again!”


Source: StarstAt60

Did that make you laugh? Here’s another joke.


Before finishing the mass, a priest tells his congregation that they need to collect some extra money for the church programs that help people in need.

He asks them to consider being more generous than usual with their offering and promises to give the chance to pick three hymns to the person that offers the most money.

Church congregation | Photo: Shutterstock


The offering plates are passed around, and people in the congregation comply with the priest’s request. However, once the offerings are back to him, the priest notices someone graciously gave $1000.

Excited, he shares the good news with the congregations and asks the generous person to reveal themselves so that he can thank them publicly.

Man counting money | Photo: Shutterstock


From the back rises an elderly, quiet, saintly lady, and when the priest asks if she puts the money on the plate, she nods. Then, the priest asks her to come to the front.

She made her way slowly and shyly to the altar, and when she arrives, the priest, following his earlier promise, asks her to pick the three hymns.

With a gleam in her eye, the lady faced the congregation and pointed at the three more handsome men in the room, saying: “I’ll take him and him and him.”

Source: StarstAt60

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