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Adorable Little Boy Calls Police to Stop the Grinch from Stealing Christmas

Jaimie-lee Prince
Dec 28, 2019
06:30 A.M.
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Sometimes, kids need a little extra help to make sure their Christmas is successful. One little boy looked to the police, and it paid off.


Five-year-old Tylon Pittman knows how to be sneaky, but he's not nearly as sly as Christmas-destroyer, the Grinch. Instead, Pittman uses his skills for good. 

Without his mother's knowledge, the little boy called the police to make sure that the angry green man would not get in the way of the holidays. What happened after is found in the clip below. 


Six-year-old calls 911

At just five, Pittman knew who to call when he worried that the Grinch might be out to steal Christmas. So, the Mississippi boy did something about it before anything could happen. 

He phoned 911, and, fortunately, he got a response from Officer Lauren Develle. His older brother captured a video of what happened when she arrived. 

TeDera Dwayne Graves shared the clip to Facebook. It showed as Develle entered the family's house to find a surprised mom and a worried little boy. 


He wants the Grinch in jail

He told the officer exactly what he wanted to happen if the Grinch showed up and tried to ruin Christmas. "I want y'all to come at my house and take him to jail." 

While Develle agreed that that could be done, she assured Pittman that she wouldn't let the Grinch steal Christmas. She also encouraged Pittman not to let it happen since he was a "big boy." 

In another clip, Pittman showed the police officer a few of the videos he watched that scared him enough to call emergency services. His family could not get over how serious — and cute — he looked. 


He gets his wish

In the description, Pittman's brother thanked the Byram Police Department and told Develle she had made the boy's night. Pittman wants to be a police officer when he grows up. 

The story received over 38,000 shares and just over 250 comments. Additionally, Pittman got to see the Grinch himself get put behind bars when the officers staged an arrest just for the little boy. 

USA Today shared photos of Pittman closing the door on the green-faced thief after he was apprehended. To wrap up the heartwarming story, the officers told Pittman to come back at 21 for a job application. 


Another Grinch arrest

Another Grinch was arrested just Wednesday in La Vergne, Tennessee. According to News 4, police officers stopped a speeding vehicle, only to find the green character sitting behind the wheel. 

They arrested him with an open warrant from Whoville, reported the outlet. However, he was later released with all charges dropped as per a Facebook post from the La Vergne Police Department. 


Boy calls 911 for loneliness

Back in May, another little boy called 911 simply because he was lonely. He got a visit from the big-hearted Officer Joh White along with a special gift. 

Nothing was wrong in the six-year-old boy's house when he dialed, but Officer White didn't care. He opted to go over there — taking a stuffed animal with him — and make sure the tot knew he had a friend. 

In this instance, Officer White did let the boy know what 911 should actually be used for, but the fact that he still went over there melted the hearts of many.